Pin to Windows 7 Taskbar : Any File or Folder

Everybody knows how to pin a program to Windows 7 taskbar and utilize jumplists. If you right click the pinned program on the taskbar, you can see different options of the files available for that program. This generally solves the problem of opening a file instantly, but there is another method to directly pin a file or folder to the Windows 7 taskbar.


It’s very easy to pin a program, but pinning a file or folder requires a small tweak.

How to Pin a File to Windows 7 Taskbar ?

1.       Make sure, you can see the extensions of files.

This you can do by opening Windows Explorer and press ALT key. The menu bar will be visible. Just select Tools > Folder options. Select the View pane. Uncheck the box, next to “Hide extensions for known filetypes”. Now the file extensions will be visible for any type of file. Examples of file extensions are “.txt”, “.exe”, “.pdf” etc.

2.       Let’s say you want to pin an “excel file” to the Windows 7 taskbar. Go to the particular file in Windows Explorer and create a Desktop shortcut. Right-click on the shortcut (pointing to your file location) present on the desktop and click on Properties > Shortcut Tab and copy the “url” from the  “Target” textbox.

Otherwise, you can also directly copy the url of the file location.

3.       Right-click the Desktop and create a new text document. Name the file whatever you want and change the extension from “.txt” to “.exe”. For eg. “websites.exe”. Drag that icon to Windows 7 taskbar and pin to it.

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4.       Right-click the icon on the taskbar and right-click the file name (for eg. “websites” here) and click Properties>Shortcut tab. Delete all the text in the “Start In” text box.

5.       Replace the url in the “Target” textbox with the earlier url you copied from the shortcut you made of your file.

6.       Now you can also change the icon with a suitable “.ico” file. Click on Apply and OK.

7.       Now you can delete “.exe” file you earlier created on the Desktop. You can also delete the “Shortcut” to the file you created.

That’s it! Your file is pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar. You can directly open the file by clicking the icon on the taskbar. You fooled the taskbar thinking that the file is an executable file.

How to Pin a Folder to Windows 7 Taskbar?

1.       Copy the url of the “Folder” you wish to pin to the taskbar.

For eg. “C:Program Files”.

2.       Create a new text file on the Desktop and change the extension to “.exe”. Now drag that icon to the taskbar to pin it. Right click on the icon on the taskbar and right-click the filename. Just like in Step 4, of earlier method.

3.        Now replace the url in the “Target” textbox with the Folder location url.

4.        Change the icon file and the other steps remain same, as earlier.

Hurray! Your folder is pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar.

Note: You cannot name the “.exe” file you created with any of these 2 words. They’re “installer” and “uninstaller”.

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