How to Duplicate Taskbar on Second Monitor in Windows 7 using Software Tools?

One of the best use of dual monitor tools is the usage of multi monitor taskbar in windows 7. This can be accomplished by using software. But using multiple displays one can also extend taskbar in windows 7. The following procedure can be used to extend display to multiple monitors.

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Navigate to the following item on the first monitor.
  3. All Control Panel Items > Display > Screen Resolution on the 1st display.
  4. In that there is an option called “Multiple Displays“.
  5. Using the drop down, select the option that says “Duplicate desktop on 1 and 2“.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Now select the Screen Resolution on the 2nd Display.
  8. Then select the option “Make this my main display“.
  9. Select “Apply“.

This makes the task bar appear on both the displays. The mouse also moves from screen 1 to screen 2. If you move it completely left or right, it will come back to screen 1. There are also other options under “Multiple Displays”.

What are the Pros of Taskbar in Windows 7?

With Windows 7, you got a a new improved taskbar which has sufficient features to fill your geek thirst. There are many features and facilities like Pin, Peek, Jump Lists, and more. But still Windows 7 lacks some basic amenities for multiple monitor displays like – extending the new taskbar across all the multiple displays.

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But luckily there are third-party solutions that allow the taskbar to appear on multiple monitors in Windows 7. Though the features of different products may vary, you can choose the right one depending on your need. Some software allow to extend the taskbar to both dual monitor and some duplicate the taskbar on both the monitors.

Multi Monitor Taskbar Software in Windows 7

I’ll list some of the software that can be used for the above purpose :

Display Fusion (Free and Pro)

It comes with loads of powerful features like Multi-Monitor taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable Hotkeys.


The latest release of this software is 3.4 and works even on Windows 8 Pre Beta.  Since we’re talking about the multi-monitor taskbar for Windows 7 let me detail you about those features in this software.

Keep your windows easily organized by adding a taskbar to each of your monitors. The taskbar on each monitor can be configured to show all windows, or only the windows that are located on that monitor. Use button grouping, auto-hide, window previews, shortcuts, a Start Button and much more to help you work more easily with your application windows.

Ultramon (Free)

It has a special “Smart Taskbar” which will help you mange multiple applications efficiently, by adding the improved taskbar for each another monitor. There are basically two different modes in this application.

    • Standard: each taskbar only shows applications from the monitor it is on, so you won’t have to search for an application after activating it. If you move an application to a different monitor, its taskbar button will be moved to the corresponding taskbar
    • Mirror: each taskbar shows all tasks, allowing you to quickly switch tasks on any monitor
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The easiness of this software is that it doesn’t replace the original taskbar in Windows 7. It simply adds an additional taskbar which you can use on the secondary monitor with Windows taskbar on the primary monitor.

Actual Multiple Monitors (Free and Pro)

It makes the Windows 7 navigation quick and easy on secondary displays.  This software completely removes the disadvantage of Windows 7 taskbar appearing only  in the primary display.

Multi_Monitor_Taskbar_Windows_7_individual_mode Multi_Monitor_Taskbar_Windows_7_Mirror_Mode

With this feature-rich software, you can easily control the open windows (activate/maximize them, switch between them) in normal fashion, without worrying whether you are on the primary monitor or the dual monitor.

This software multi-monitor taskbar also works in two modes. 1. Individual (default) mode  and 2. Mirror mode .

In individual mode, each taskbar displays the buttons only for windows which are on the same monitor.

In mirror mode, all taskbars display all open windows no matter what monitor a particular window is on (i.e. all taskbars show the same set of buttons).

The secondary taskbar has all the essential controls like the  – Start button, the notification area (i.e system tray) , the clock, any of the primary taskbar’s toolbars (Quick Launch, Address, Desktop, Windows Media Player etc) just like you play with on the primary taskbar.

Now Windows 7 also has the native support for multi-monitor taskbars in 2018. Third-party solutions like UltraMon, DisplayFusion, Actual Multiple Monitors fill the gap with their extra features. Please comment in the comments section, which software did you like most and your experiences.

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