Killer Windows 8 features in Consumer Preview

Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview and is well suited for touch devices. You can see that in the new preview, the Start button and Start menu are completely removed. You can get back the Windows 8 Start Orb/Menu/Button using ViStart which is a tiny piece of software which was useful in Windows 7. Though Microsoft removed some well known features in Windows 7 and it’s earlier operating systems, it included substitutive good features in Windows 8.





The following are some of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview features which can be expected in the final release.

  • Windows 8 is optimized to run on both Intel and ARM architecture. Which means it can run smoothly giving top-notch performance even on tablet devices and net-books with 1GB memory.
  • The new system boots really quick in about 7 seconds.
  • Features a home screen filled with colorful tiles taking the user directly into applications such as Facebook, messaging or news feeds.
  • Colorful tile-based Metro style interface similar to Windows Mobile 7
  • It uses less memory to run than Windows 7 allowing more free space for apps. Windows 7 SP1 runs with 400 MB memory & 32 processes while Windows 8 will run on about 280MB memory & 29 processes.
  • The whole new IE 10 browser
  • Windows Online App Store: For the first time Microsoft has introduced a dedicated App Store for Windows devices similar to what we already have since ages for Linux, iOS, Android & BlackBerry.
  • Though it is primarily designed for touch devices, it will be usable on PCs with Mouse and Keyboards as well.
  • Split keyboard feature for tablet devices similar to what iOS 5 will have for iPads.
  • Split screens to use multiple applications at the same time & stretch windows on multiple screens
  • Re-constructed task manager and control panel
  • NFC (Near Field Communications) support
  • Built-in Hyper-V virtualization similar to VMware’s popular Hypervisor
  • Improved security with built-in Windows Defender
  • Syncing photos, email, calendar and contacts with other devices through the Cloud storage
  • System-wide spell check and auto-completion
  • Integrated full featured Search module to find pictures, videos, files, notifications from storage, emails and social networking profiles , similar to spotlight search on iOS devices.
  • Metro style apps built for Windows 8 will be the focus point which fills the entire screen so there are no distractions.
  • Everything that works on Windows 7 will work on Windows 8 and Hardware that could run Windows 7 can run Windows 8 too. (This was very different when Windows 7 was launched demanding many changes in hardware and software)
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You can protect your Windows 8 device from viruses and malware using “Secure Boot” which uses the new “Trusted boot process”. Windows 8 also improved speed on management and security features from it’s predecessor Windows 7. The features are mainly aimed at mobile and tablet devices, with  built-in support for mobile broadband are very effective.

After testing the Windows 8 CP for a small time, it’s surprising that some mind occupying features have not yet been revealed by the operating system giant, Microsoft.  We shall see in a later post some of these hidden features which are not visible to the naked eye and you need a deep insight technically to look at these features.

[ Source : TechZoom ]

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