Truecaller is one of the most popular apps for identifying unknown callers and blocking spam. But did you know they also offer various paid plans with additional useful features? Here’s a detailed look at Truecaller’s premium offerings so you can decide if an upgrade is worthwhile.

Truecaller Premium Subscription Cost

Truecaller’s basic app is free to use for basic spam blocking and caller ID. But for INR 529 per year, you can upgrade to Truecaller Premium.

This unlocks powerful filters, advanced messaging, and more profile controls. The small yearly cost is well worth it for the convenience and privacy perks.

Some key Premium benefits include:

  • See who viewed your profile
  • No ads
  • Unlimited blocked numbers
  • Advanced filtering of calls and messages
  • Priority support

So for just INR 529 annually, Premium vastly improves the Truecaller experience.

Truecaller Gold Membership Price

Above Premium is Truecaller Gold, which provides all Premium features plus:

  • Caller risk meter
  • See full contact details for unknown callers
  • Lookup any number without limits

Gold is ideal for frequent travelers who need to identify any number worldwide. It costs INR 5000 yearly, offering robust caller ID capabilities.

Truecaller Plans – Paid Features

Let’s look at some of the most useful features unlocked with Truecaller’s paid tiers:

Ad-Free Experience

Ads are removed across the app for uninterrupted use. You’ll have a cleaner interface without annoying disruptions.

Unlimited Blocking

Easily block any number of spammers and nuisances without filling up a cap. Keep your Truecaller experience peaceful.

Priority Support

Paid users get faster email support response times. You’ll get help when you need it.

Full Contact Details

See a caller’s full name, location, company name, job title, emails, and more. Great for identifying unknown business callers.

Powerful Filters

Filter by country, keywords, times, and other criteria to finely tune calls and messages.

Profile Privacy

Disable visibility of your profile to others. Control who can see your info.

Caller Risk Meter

Gold shows the potential spam or scam risk level of any unknown caller. Stay safer while answering calls.

Lookup Without Limits

Gold removes caps on number lookups. Identify any number as needed without restraints.

So Truecaller’s paid plans unlock awesome productivity and security perks for just a small yearly fee.

Truecaller Plus Package Benefits

Truecaller also offers some regional packages like Truecaller Plus in India. This expands on Premium with:

  • Local language caller IDs
  • Smart SMS inbox sorting
  • 1 free consultantion with doctors through the app
  • Free online pharmacy coupons

Plus is designed for India with INR 529 yearly pricing. The medical features make it handy for Indian users.

Truecaller Pro Account Pricing

Selected operators like MTN in Africa also offer a Truecaller Pro option.

This combines Premium filters and perks with:

  • Localized content
  • Operator billing for ease of payment
  • Potentially discounted regional pricing

So Pro gives Truecaller plans localized for specific countries and carriers. Pricing varies but provides the Premium experience.

Truecaller VIP Account Cost

Truecaller’s highest tier is VIP, currently available only in Indonesia.

VIP has all the same Premium features plus perks like:

  • Top priority support access
  • Free ID protection service
  • Extended advanced stats on callers
  • Reserving your number to prevent spoofing

VIP is priced at IDR 99,000 yearly. It’s geared towards high-volume business users needing maximum caller insights.

Truecaller Premium Features List

To recap, here are all the valuable features unlocked by Truecaller’s paid plans:

  • Ad-free app
  • Unlimited spam blocking
  • Priority email support
  • Full contact details for unknown callers
  • Powerful call/message filtering
  • Hide profile from public view
  • See who looked up your profile
  • Spam risk ratings on callers (Gold & VIP)
  • No limits on reverse number lookups (Gold & VIP)

These capabilities make a paid Premium, Gold, or VIP account extremely useful for anyone plagued by spam calls or seeking deeper insights.

Truecaller Gold vs Premium Comparison

How does Gold stack up against Premium? Here’s an overview:

Ad-free app
Unlimited blocking
Priority support
Hide profile visibility
See profile views
Powerful filters
Caller risk meter
Full caller details
Unlimited lookups

Gold provides the most robust caller identification capabilities. It’s ideal for frequent travelers and those wanting maximum insights.

But Premium still offers great filtering and privacytools at a lower price. Evaluate your needs to choose the right tier.

Truecaller Subscription Charges

Here’s a quick summary of Truecaller’s subscription costs:

  • Truecaller Premium Connect – INR 529 yearly
  • Truecaller Gold – INR 5000 yearly
  • Truecaller Premium Assistant (India) – INR 1499 yearly
  • Truecaller Pro (Africa) – Varies by carrier
  • Truecaller VIP (Indonesia) – IDR 99,000 yearly

Local currencies and prices may apply in other regions. But in general expect between $3-$10 USD per month for enhanced capabilities.

Truecaller Premium Membership Fees

Truecaller Premium offers robust spam call and text blocking for just INR 529 per year.

The low membership fee provides great value including:

  • Ad removal
  • Unlimited blocking
  • Priority email support

Plus advanced filtering, privacy, and caller identification tools.

For less than a dollar per month, Premium makes Truecaller far more powerful and convenient. It’s an essential upgrade for frequent Truecaller users plagued by spam calls.


Getting the most from Truecaller requires upgrading to a paid plan like Premium. For a minor yearly fee, you unlock a wealth of features to identify callers, block spammers, and protect privacy.

Carefully consider the extra capabilities before choosing the right plan for your needs and budget. But for most users, Truecaller Premium hits the sweet spot of robust features at an affordable price point.

Try out a paid plan to take your Truecaller experience to the next level! You’ll never want to go back to the limited free version once you see the benefits.

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