The use of computers for writing is now prevalent across various domains. It is becoming increasingly rare to come across professional writers who still use typewriters or write by hand.

This shift can be attributed not only to the convenience that computers offer but also to the availability of numerous writing tools that make the writing process more enjoyable.

These tools are not only useful for professionals but also for students and anyone who needs writing assistance.

Despite their potential cost, it is still practical to utilize them in order to save time and rectify errors promptly.

top writing tools for windows

How Writing tools help Big Companies?

Many companies that specialize in essay writing utilize writing tools on devices running both Windows and macOS operating systems.

These companies acknowledge that the writing quality could have been affected if it weren’t for these applications and software.

This is because algorithms and artificial intelligence have the capability to identify inconsistencies that may not be easily noticeable to the human eye.

Having a range of writing tools available on the essay writing company’s website is seen as an asset rather than a drawback.

One Smart Writing Service

One of these tools is the essay help provided by EssayHub, which incorporates human creativity, adherence to academic standards, technical writing support, and the option for customers to have their essays written by professional writers.

The company takes great pride in utilizing this comprehensive approach, ensuring that students can rely on their expertise to write their essays effectively.

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With the “do my homework” writing service feature, offers a convenient solution

For those who prefer to delegate their essay writing tasks to experienced professionals, providing high-quality and customized essays to meet individual needs.

This article will cover a range of widely used and efficient writing tools compatible with Windows, aiming to assist readers in identifying suitable tools for their needs.

Microsoft Word

A word processor is undeniably one of the finest and most favored writing aids available. Without a platform to compose your text, typing would be limited. Word, undoubtedly, excels in this regard as the ultimate tool. With a countless number of users from both individual and corporate spheres, it successfully caters to various writing needs.

Even though there are many free programs that attempt to imitate Word’s features, none have been as successful as Microsoft’s product in working well with other services. It is worth spending some money to use the superior service. Additionally, students always receive a discount.


Grammarly is a distinct writing aid that operates seamlessly on various computers and examines your text for errors. It not only identifies these errors in your document but also offers the most effective suggestions for resolving them and addressing similar issues.

The Grammarly platform is undergoing development and has recently introduced integration algorithms. This means that you no longer need to manually copy and paste your text into the program’s interface. Instead, you can conveniently enable the Grammarly add-on directly within Microsoft Word.


Many students will surely find value in a tool that can eliminate all distractions, and this is where FocusWriter comes in. This tool has the ability to block notifications, set time trackers and alarms, and even has an auto-save feature to prevent information loss.

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If you require editing capabilities, this app is not suitable for you. However, if you are looking to monitor your progress and get into a productive mindset, it is an ideal choice. This is accomplished by keeping distractions at bay and providing options to personalize the appearance of your text on the screen.


When it comes to writing in college, it is not limited to essays and assignments. Occasionally, you may be required to produce something more imaginative. Unfortunately, many students who have been taught to write formally find themselves feeling completely restricted in these situations.

Scribus is the ideal solution in this case. It assists in discovering the perfect design for your written content and enhances its creativity and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it utilizes high-level design tools and color management support to effortlessly transform your creative writing into something truly magnificent.


No matter what type of writing you do, Scrivener is an all-inclusive tool that aids in the creation, formatting, and editing of text. This tool is beneficial for both experienced writers and students alike. Additionally, it is challenging to find another tool that offers the same extensive range of functions as Scrivener.

To begin with, this tool is designed for Windows desktop users. It allows you to compose your writing within the program itself. While using it, Scrivener has the ability to eliminate any potential distractions. It also monitors your progress, adapts to your writing speed, and provides ready-made templates.


ProWritingAid is a writing tool designed to enhance your skills as a writer. This means that it not only assists in avoiding basic errors but also reconstructions your sentence structure to improve readability.

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Downloading is not necessary as ProWritingAid can seamlessly integrate with your word processor to assist you throughout the writing process. It provides valuable guidance, improved suggestions for writing, and eliminates any potential mistakes.

Living Writer

Living Writer is an excellent resource for effectively managing extensive writing projects. It proves beneficial for both novelists and students who are in the process of crafting their dissertations. When it comes to dividing a substantial piece of writing into manageable sections, Living Writer is a reliable companion.

Moreover, this instrument assists in gaining a comprehensive view of your writing. By envisioning how it will appear on paper after printing, you can identify and rectify any trivial formatting problems you may encounter. This proves to be extremely advantageous, particularly when dealing with a vast document spanning over 100 pages.

writing service for windows


There are numerous applications and resources available for Windows that aim to simplify the lives of writers. These tools are specifically designed to assist in resolving various challenges that writers may encounter. Nonetheless, it is not necessary to possess all of them.

Naturally, writers encounter various challenges. All you have to do is identify your desired outcome, and you’ll find a resolution. The aforementioned problems are simply the most commonly encountered ones, which could capture your interest.

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