We connect HDMI TV or monitor to Windows 11 computer. It may be for educational purposes, watching movies or connecting multiple monitors. The external monitor can also be set up using the HDMI port.

In all such cases, you need to make sure the screen settings are correct! Otherwise, the resolution and frequency may vary for that video or image. It looks awkward on a 4K or UHD display.

HDMI cable is used to connect the external monitor to the Windows 11 PC. Check for optional updates for HDMI devices and monitors.

The right display drivers need to be installed before you change the settings. Initially during setup, the computer will search automatically for the recommended windows 11 hdmi screen settings.

The graphics driver plays a major role in the color and brightness.

The TV HDMI screen settings may be correct. But to impose the image from a Windows 11 computer to the big screen, the display settings need to be compatible and right.

Check the HDMI connectivity before you change any settings. Video and audio should come out normal. Select the correct port and display unit.

Why do you need to correct Windows 11 HDMI Settings ?

If you want to use a pc screen only, then not much changes are required to these settings. Windows updates to the drivers are to be done from time to time.

Multi monitor setup is also provided in the Windows 11 screen settings. If you are using the same computer, but different displays, then you can select the default one.

Otherwise, the display may not come from the required device. The HDMI device needs to be selected in these settings.

Change the screen brightness as to your requirement. If the color is too heavy or the contrast is too bright, you can change in the HDMI settings.

Display resolution and orientation are one of the important settings for your Windows 11 HDMI device. You can change them here.

Make HDMI monitor as default Display

  1. Press Win + I keys to open Settings app.
  2. Click System on the left and Display on the Right-hand side.
    1. Note: Windows 10 settings are a little different.
  3. HDMI screen settings are visible here.
  4. Click on Multiple displays under the Scale & layout section.
  5. Make this my main display option visible if there are multiple monitors.
  6. Check it and the HDMI screen becomes the default display device.

After making your monitor or 4K UHD Smart TV as the default screen, you can continue to change other HDMI screen settings. The following are available under the display setting.

change windows 11 hdmi screen settings

Different Windows 11 HDMI Screen Settings

  1. Scale
  2. Display Resolution
  3. Display orientation
  4. Night light
  5. Color Profile
  6. HDR

Let’s see the details of each Windows 11 HDMI setting.

1.   Scale

You can change the size of text, apps and other items here. By default it will be 100%. But if the text is too small to see on the monitor, you can increase it to 125%. Other options are like 150%, 175%.

Click the arrow indicator for further customization. You can set custom scaling. But it should be done with caution. As this setting is irreversible, only do it if the Windows 11 screen doesn’t fit your monitor.

2.   Display Resolution

 It is one the most important HDMI settings of Windows 11. Based on TV or monitor these values are populated. The recommended screen resolution is taken as default.

But if you find that the current resolution is not displaying properly on your screen, then you can change the values here.

windows 11 hdmi screen settings display resolution

3.   Display Orientation

Based upon the size of the TV screen or display, you can decide to keep  Landscape or Portrait orientation.

In some cases the aspect ratio is 4:3, where you can set Portrait mode. If the screen size is 16:9, then you can choose Landscape. Flipped versions are also available.

4.   Night light

Turn on this option if you want to use warmer colors to help block blue light on your monitor. You can also set the start and end hour:min timings.

More advanced settings like the strength of warmth can be set here.

5.   Color Profile

If you are playing games and have a good graphics card, you can set the color profile. For a normal monitor, it will display its name.

But you can adjust the way colors appear on your screen by selecting the amount of RGB colors. You can set a color profile provided by your graphics card or create a new one.

6.   HDR

Using this setting you can get a more brighter and vibrant picture for a high dynamic range of colors. It should be supported by your graphics card or motherboard and the monitor.

This HDMI setting is useful for games and motion pictures.



In addition to the above Windows 11 HDMI settings, you can set more advanced settings based on the number of monitors and color profiles.

You can get display information like the bit depth, color format, color space and display adapter properties for your screen.

Change the screen refresh rate if you have any problem with the current display.

Graphics setting allows different apps to set different display settings based on your motherboard and graphics card.

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