Recently Windows Live Essentials had a new update. I was curious to know whether there are any changes in Windows Live Mail 2012 settings. Luckily, I didn’t find much changes. Earlier I wrote about, setting up email with Windows Live Mail 2012. Setting up Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts is more tedious when compared to But the method is straight forward.

Windows Live Mail 2012 Settings

In this article, we are going to see the following things.

  • How to Setup Mail Account in Windows Live Mail 2012
  • How to Setup Yahoo! Mail Account in Live Mail 2012.
  • How to Configure the Settings for setting up Gmail Mail account in Live Mail 2012.

For the purpose of demo I removed my earlier account of in Windows Live Mail 2012. The procedure to link up is as said earlier.

Yahoo! Mail Account Settings in Windows Live Mail 2012

The process is straight forward as you do for a normal Gmail account.

      1. Add an email account.
      2. Fill in the email account items like Email address, Password, Display name etc.
      3. Fill in the “Incoming Server Information”
      4. Fill in the “Outgoing Server Information”.
      5. Select Finish and you are ready to go.

But the painstaking reality is that you need to have Yahoo! Mail Plus account to integrate your Yahoo! Mail account with Live Mail. Probably this costs some money.

Add your email Accounts - Yahoo account

How to Setup Gmail Mail Account with Windows Live Mail 2012?

This follows the previous steps to configure. But I’ll detail in screenshots.

First of all you need to enable POP or IMAP.  Let’s say we go through the POP up route. First make sure that POP is enabled in Gmail settings.

Enable POP in Gmail

You have two options. Either you can enable POP for all mail or just for mail that arrives from now on. If you are on a limited bandwidth, I’d recommend use the second option. This will prevent Windows Live Mail 2012 from downloading all the mails in your account.

Oh gosh! But Windows Live Mail 2012 is asking to enable IMAP. So let’s enable IMAP. For this you need to follow the following route.

Gear Icon > Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > IMAP Access.

You now have the configure instructions for old Windows Mail here. You can follow that or follow this tutorial.

  • Go To Options > Email Accounts ( as shown in the first screenshot).
  • Click on Add on the next pop-up.
  • Select the Account type – Here it’s the Email Account. Click Next
  • You will Add your email accounts.
  • Type your Email address and Password.
  • Click Next.

Add your Email Accounts in Windows Live Mail 2012 - Gmail

Hurrah, your Gmail account is automatically added to Windows Live Mail 2012. In case if you have a problem just check the “Manually configure server settings” option and click Next. From here you can follow the instructions mentioned by Google.

The drawback with the IMAP method, is it’ll download all the Mail from the starting. I didn’t find any option like POP where there is a setting to download only the future mail. I hope you can experiment with the POP way also, if it works with 2012 version. You can see the realism in this screenshot.

WYSIWYG screen of Gmail in Windows Live Mail 2012

Hope you are now clear with Windows Live Mail 2012 settings and let me know of any problems while configuring Gmail, Yahoo or accounts in the comments.

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