Problems and Solutions related to Google Chrome Icon

Google Chrome is a fast and secure browser. But the meaning of Google Chrome Icon varies if you search the web. The top search results in Google for Chrome icon not showing show the information for favicons missing. Well, I was thinking of the browser’s icon as such.

What are we going to see in this article.

  • Problems and Solutions related to Google Chrome Icon.
  • Why favicons of websites are not displayed in Chrome’s Bookmark bar.
  • What is the meaning of Icons in Chrome’s address bar.

But first see the problems related to Google Chrome Icon. This is basically the icon that sits on your desktop when you make a shortcut. You can also see it when your Chrome browser pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7 or 8.

Let’s see a screenshot when these icons are not displayed properly.


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So what to when these icons don’t appear properly? There are several solutions to these kind of problems, when Google Chrome Icon goes missing.

  • Open Microsoft Internet Explorer, make it your default browser, then go to Google Chrome and make it your default browser.
  • Unpin Google Chrome from Start Menu, change its icon in Properties, and pin it back.
  • Type in the Start Menu search bar “chrome” and look for chromesetup.exe. Click on it.

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In most of the cases, the second option will work out. If not try the other options.

Now let’s see some problems when the favicons of the websites are not displayed properly. First we can know how to add a site to the bookmark bar.

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Just visit a website in your Chrome address bar.


Now right-click on the bookmark bar and from the context-menu, click Add page. This will immediately add the website page along with its favicon to the bookmark bar. Now if you want more Chrome tips, you can visit the mashable website here.

Most of the times these favicons display well. But sometimes, they don’t show up. To solve, Google Chrome is not showing any favicons of websites in the bookmark bar, follow these instructions.

Close Google Chrome and follow the below procedure.

  • Mac OS X: delete or rename the Favicons file located at /Users/your_user_name/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/ . Please note that the Library folder specific to a certain user is hidden by default: to access it follow this recipe.
  • Windows: delete or rename the Favicons file located at C:Usersyour_user_nameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault


Now if you re-launch Google Chrome and click on the bookmark, the icons should appear after the page finishes loading.

Sometimes there is another problem with the Google Chrome icons. In the tabs, the favicons of the websites will be displaying properly. But when you visit a webpage, there is a blank page icon in the address bar next to the URL in Google Chrome.


Well this is not a bug or error to be terrified about. But this is a new feature introduced in the newest versions of Chrome to know the security of the connection of the website made with the browser. You can see a lock icon when you are on a https:// connection or on a product seller’s page. Let’s see an infographic of the meaning of different icons in the address bar.

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As you can see these address bar icons are a way of informing the visitor of the security of the connection established with Google Chrome browser.

Let me know of any other problems you are facing related to Google Chrome Icons and what are the solutions you are adopting to solve the problem.

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