Fix Can’t Copy Files to USB due to Unspecified Error

Copying files from one USB to another can cause errors. ┬áReduction of speed when you copy large files of more than 4GB size. A typical error “The specified network resource or device is no longer available” can occur if Windows is powering down the USB device. Motherboard can have USB 2.0 configuration. Two external USB

Fix Windows 10 Photos App Slow to Load and Open – 4 Different Methods.

The default apps in Windows 10 are not necessarily the best. For example Windows 10 photo app is slow to open even after the 1903 update. It is annoying when you click some image. The problems don’t end there. Read More – Fix File Explorer Not Refreshing Error in Windows 10 or 8.1 When you

Fix Microsoft Store Stuck on Starting Download in Windows 10

If the play store stuck on downloading, you need to find the right cause. Microsoft Store cache could be a problem, time & date & region settings could be wrong due to battery problem, windows update may not be working correctly. Sometime app downloads are in pending state forever. One of the reasons could be

Fix NVIDIA Graphics Card Error Code 43 in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7 – Solutions

When NVIDIA GTX 1070 kind of GPUs face error code 43, knowing the right reason is very important. Windows 10 users cannot decipher the problem with error message. It may look simple, but using the right diagnostic steps can fix the exact cause. According to Microsoft, graphic devices show error code 43 for the following

Fix Boot Error “0xc0000428” in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7 – Several Solutions

change hard disk priority to fix 0xc0000428

When you boot up your computer, if you see “\Windows\system32\winload.exe” file missing with error code 0xc0000428, you are more likely to format the system. But is it necessary? You get an information message saying that “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file”. The first-aid for this issue is to disable digital signature enforcement,

[Worked] 0xc000000e Solved on Windows 10 – Boot Error is Fixed

You get 0xc000000e error code on Windows 10 when there is a problem with boot loader or wrong Boot configuration data. If you have multiple disks, only one of them is the boot disk. So, the boot configuration data is stored on one disk of all the related settings to boot different Windows OS. Even