If you’ve downloaded the Windows 8 and testing it, you’d definitely be missing the start button present in the earlier versions of Windows. The Windows 8 Start Orb will create an old-styled Start Menu.

I personally like the Windows 7 software like the Taskbar and Start button. But with the advent of Windows 8 everything has become touch intuitive. Generally as is the case with many new OS’s, people find tweaks to bring back the old apps into the new ones, until they’re habituated with them.

ViStart is a tiny piece of software that adds a Start Orb and brings back the Start Menu to Windows 8. This application was originally meant for Windows 7 and hence has some issues in Windows 8. Go ahead and read the software review of Windows 8 Start Orb.

vistart settings

Pros and Cons of ViStart – Windows 8 Start Orb/Menu/Button

The software is pretty much easy to install.

You can see the familiar Start Orb button at the bottom left of your screen.

But here’s the first con.

The Start Orb button partially covers the first Quick Launch icon or application icon in the Windows 8 taskbar. The pro of this software is that it contains all the menus available in the Start Orb of Windows 7.

Windows 8 Start Orb

The other cons of ViStart include disabling the default screenshot taking function of Windows 8 using the Windows + Print Screen hotkey. 

You cannot also access the Start Screen of Windows 8 with the Windows hotkey. ViStart simply hijacks the Windows button to open the Start Menu instead of doing the routine Windows 8 operations.

The major con of ViStart is that it installs a registry scanner. Though during installation you can decline the offer to install it, it’s still a pain.  You need to bear these simple problems if you want your Start Orb/Menu/Button in Windows 8.

If you find any methods of getting back the Windows 8 Start Orb/Menu/Button, please let us know in the comment section.

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