You’ve been listening to a lot of internet radio stations and watching a great deal of YouTube videos. Now, you want to record your favorite artist’s video or audio streaming online and you’re looking for a software. Now, there are many ways to accomplish this task. You can use Firefox addons or Chrome extensions or use a software like Replay Music. But if you want additional features like Music search, Cloud services, Converter and DVD-ripper etc, Audials 1 is the right choice.


How do I record streaming Audio with Audials One ?


There are plethora of online music websites like Last.Fm, Pandora, Grooveshark, MySpace where you can hear your favourite artist station, top playing music charts etc. With Audials 1 you can save all the online music stuff in wide variety of ways.

From the main interface, click on Save Music under Streaming. You’ll see the above screen. Here, you’ve two options for saving music or recording music from internet radio stations, online audio streaming sites or any other sound from your computer or microphone.

These are :

Audio Recording: This option is useful if you want to conveniently record audio content while browsing the net. This works for websites like Pandora,, etc.

Sound Recording with tagging: This option can be used to record audio files from the output of your sound card. The stream is automatically cut into songs. This works for website like Simfy, Spotify etc.

You can find more website examples on the community.

There is also “Save automatically” feature using which you can automatically save the following sources.

  1. Social Radios
  2. Links to MP3 files
  3. Sound Recordings
You can also automatically or manually convert the downloaded music or MP3  or songs to your desired format. The formats available are FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, WMA PRO.  There are also some pre-defined presets so that they can optimized for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Windows Media Player, iTunes etc. The second option also allows tagging with a full complement of ID3 tags, cover artwork, and lyrics from the internet.

How to record a streaming Video with Audials One ?


If you’re looking to record video from top video streaming sites like YouTube,,,, than Audials One does it’s job as expected.

From the main interface, click on Save Video under Streaming. The above screen will be displayed. There are 3 possible ways of accomplishing your task in this screen.

  1. Video recording
  2. Paste video link
  3. Screen recording

With Video recording you can activate the button and start browsing and recording for sites like YouTube. If this fails, you can grasp the video link in the address bar of your browser and paste it in the next section and click the arrow button beside it. This will start downloading the video in the background where you can see the status of it below it. If you want a customized recording like part of a screen, that can also be handled using the third option.

Other Features

There are many other features like Music Search, Music wishes, Music television, Radio, Podcasts etc. But when I searched using the Music Search functionality for my favourite artist it started displaying some random results and the search also took lot of time. Even when I clicked on a song, the streaming was very slow and painful even on my 2Mbps connection. All the Radio stations discovered were not playing and the same happened to Music television channels as well. The streaming was poor and slow in the default media player. You can also sync your files to your cloud storage if you have an account, and to devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod. You can also use the Converter to convert audio and video files to different format and use DVD ripper to rip DVDs containing copyrighted content.


There is also the options tab at the bottom, from where you can set different settings. You can change the output folder, where you want to save your recordings of your audio and video files. You can configure smartphones for automatic syncing and also cloud storages if you’ve an account.

Audials Account and it’s advantages:

You can signup a free account with Audials. Using this account you’ll able to login to community forums and discussions of Audials. The advantages of Audials forum are enormous. You can get additional plugins and also get answers to questions on Audials.

Price and Where to Buy:

After reading the Audials One review, if you’re interested in buying it, please visit the below link.

Audials One 

The price of Audials One is $59.90 and if you have a audials coupon code you can get it for much lower price. You can download the software from the above link and test it’s full features with no complications. Even after the trial period is over, some features exist for unlimited time.

The software works on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X with “Parallels” and Windows 7 installed.

Free GiveAway:

I’m giving away 3 free licenses or serial numbers for Audials One.  If anybody is interested in getting a free license/serial key  for their flagship product of Audials 1, one has to do the following.

1.   One has to comment on my blog.

2.   Share this post on Facebook and submit the required id in the comments section.

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If after 20 comments have been posted, I’ll choose 3 lucky draw winners and send the serial key for Audials One to their email id.

Update: The 3 Giveaway winners of Audials One are decided and their serial numbers sent to their email ids. Thanks everyone for posting on my website and spreading a word on facebook and twitter.

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  1. Nice! Thanks for this. As for me I record online music and video using AceThinker Free Screen Recorder. You can record using this website in just simple click. It also doesn’t need any installation or software download. Aside from that, unlike other application it doesn’t leave any watermarks or any time limit.

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  4. Tomasz Szwermer says:

    Great giveaway – must see!

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