PC using Windows 10 will still have problems, even in 2021.

Privacy issues, optimization problems, registry glitches, features not working etc are some of them.

Fixing each of them separately will take toll on time and resources.

Side-effects can happen when you do registry tweaks and fixes. Simple things are easy to say than done.

Unauthorized access to your PC can happen.

Spyware can change your homepage and search engine, without your notice. Bots and Advertisers can track your browser and surfing habits. Ads can be annoying and disrupt your work.

What is IOBit Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 – Brief Introduction

With time, these choke your RAM and harddrive, which makes your PC slow.

This single tool will perform several functions to find errors and fix them at the same time. All you have to do is select the right options and have a tea.

Then let them run in the background to check for privacy issues, security, optimization and cleaning.

All tasks can be automated. Otherwise, each task needs a Windows Expert or Administrator to perform this mundane tasks.

This is review summary given below.

With FaceID and a webcam, you can monitor the intruders who access your PC with facial technology.

On a laptop, if somebody messes with your files, he will definitely look into the monitor.

Where webcam is attached, it will automatically detect who used your computer and register a photograph of that spy.

Spyware installed by browsers and programs can easily be deleted within quick time.

When you do bank transactions, somebody might have installed keyloggers kind of software which can register your usernames and passwords.



Mostly these kind of junk are created by bad software. When you install such tools, they will send your user information to the hacker.

This tool will remove such hard-wired spyware.

HomePage Protection can remove your headache caused by adware, trojans etc.

When you install some tools, they want to change your search engine from Google to Yahoo or some other.

Once you are used to your favorite search engine results, you don’t like some other search engine do it for you.

It will also take up some study to get back your used search engine. It becomes difficult sometimes, to remove it also. In such case, this feature is very helpful.

How to Install IOBit Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 ?

  1. Download the product from IOBit site.
  2. The size of the product is around 37 MB (approx).
  3. It takes only half-minute to download on a 10 Mbps connection.
  4. Double-click the .exe file or right click it and Run as Administrator.
  5. No adware or spyware was found during the install.
  6. It will take around 1 minute to complete the installation.
  7. Open the program and click “Manage License” under the “Clean & Optimize” tab.
  8. Enter the license key to activate the software.

What are the features of IOBit Advanced SystemCare Pro 10?

  1. Speed up
  2. Protect
  3. Clean and Optimize
  4. ToolBox
  5. Action Center

How can Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 Speed Up your PC?

  1. Turbo Boost
  2. Hardware Accelerate
  3. Deep Optmization
  4. App/Toolbar Cleaner

How can Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 Protect your PC?

  1. FaceID
  2. Real-time Protector
  3. HomePage Protection
  4. Browser Anti-Tracking
  5. Surfing Protection & Ads Removal
  6. Win 10 Reinforce

How can Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 Clean and Optimize your PC?

  1. Startup Optimization
  2. Privacy Sweep
  3. Junk File Clean
  4. Shortcut Fix
  5. Registry Clean
  6. Spyware Removal
  7. Internet Boost
  8. System Optimization
  9. Registry Defrag
  10. Disk Scan
  11. Vulnerability Fix
  12. Disk Optimization

What are feature of Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 Toolbox?

System Optimize

1. StartUp Manager
2. Smart RAM
3. Internet Boost
4. Auto ShutDown
5. Program Deactivator
6. Registry Defrag
7. System Information

Security and Repair

1. Win Fix
2. MyWin10
3. PCTransfer
4. Disk Doctor
5. Undelete
6. File Shredder
7. Default Program
8. IE Helper
9. System Control

System Clean

1. Registry Cleaner
2. Disk Cleaner
3. Large Files Finder
4. Empty Folder Scanner
5. Shortcut Fixer
6. Cloned Files Scanner
7. Process Manager

What is available in the Advanced SystemCare Pro 10 Action Center?

VIP Exclusive Offer

  • Driver Booster Pro
  • IOBit Malware Fighter Pro
  • Smart DeFrag Pro
  • IOBit Uninstaller Pro

Software Updater

Fix Windows 10 with Advanced SystemCare Pro 10?

One such problem I personally faced is related to Cortana.

Group Policy Editor changes and Registry hack is necessary to disable Cortana after Creators Update in Windows 10.

What if you want to enable that feature again? One such thing happened to my search feature.

What is the fastest way to search in Windows 10?

  1. Press the Win key.
  2. Type the file name or app name.
  3. Press the Enter key, if it appears in search.

That’s it.

What is the Search Problem in my Windows 10?

App or file or program appears in the search. But when I press the Enter key or click it, it will not open.

The remedy is to browse through all the Start Menu items and click your app. How frustrating is it?

IOBit advanced systemcare pro 10 was able to solve this problem with instant success.

Is Advanced SystemCare good for your Computer?

It has performed all optimization and cleanup functions without a glitch.

Large files can be found within a short period of time.

Fixing Cortana kind of issues on Windows 10 is very simple. System Information can be seen on a aesthetic window.

But you should buy a legit and genuine software. Otherwise, pirate software can create problem with license key and corrupt your PC.

It can delete unwanted registry entries or put viruses in your syste. Till now, I didn’t have any problem.

The word “safe” depends on many factors. As I said before, if you buy from the wrong vendor or fraud person, you may get cheated.

Also you need to study the help menu and other settings properly, before you apply them.

For example, if deep scanning and optimization of registry is done, it may cleanup entries which you may require later.

So to protect your PC from outside interference, disallow it to connect to Internet. Switch off the Autoupdate feature. In this way, you can be more confident with the tool.

Privacy issues with this software can be known only by an expert.

What processes, services and files are used by it have to be researched further, for better understanding.

Whether it connects to any wrong IP through Internet etc, only can be told on a deep analysis.

Till now I have done several bank transactions without any hacker hacking into my PC, after installing the tool.


As a whole the software was good and easy to use. The Clean and Optimize section was the best feature of this product.

You have several options to select under this category. Selecting all the options at one time, can hang up the tool sometimes. Instead I selected 3 to 4 options and it worked perfectly.

Smart RAM feature was very useful as it runs in the background. It releases memory from time to time, give more resources to other apps like Chrome browser. If you have limited RAM, this option is very useful.

Windows 7, Vista and 8.1 computers will benefit from this product very much. This is because, those are old OS and need some optimization for speed up of PC.

The special features especially targeted for Windows 10 helps the new users. They can directly run Win Fix tool to get back any non-working apps to full strength.

Disk Doctor and PCtransfer are another rich-feature of this tool.

You could just transfer your current OS with all the files, documents, images etc to another PC with such ease.

Also if there are old harddisks like 40 GB, 20 GB, they can be optimized for quick reading.

Note: The above post contains certain affiliate links which are safe to use. I will get a small commission if you buy from these links, but the price will not defer from regular.

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  1. The article review is impressive. I need to download the trial and test myself itself. But from the interface it looks good. If there are any performance indicators please let me know.

  2. Hey Palla, I found the buy link of Advanced Systemcare Pro 10 on your site. Also you mentioned it is around $10. I hope I cannot get any more discount. Please let me know if all the features are available in the final product. Thanks.

    1. The price can be less than $10 if its holiday or christmas season. You can try in those days. Yes, the final product has all the features as mentioned.

  3. I’d love to test the product, for the FaceID protect feature. I leave my system in the office so many times, mainly the laptop. I don’t know who uses it. With webcam attached, this should protect my privacy.

  4. Hi Palla, The IObit product review is good. I learned a few features of this product. Mainly speed boost is what I’m looking for. I downloaded the product. But as I see, some of the features are only available in Pro version. So, getting a free license or full trial version would be good. Thanks.