Bit-torrent protocol is today’s one of the most popular technology to transfer big sized files between two or more computers. Millions of new torrents will be released in this worldwide network daily. It’s not easy to look through huge amount of data without any professional indexing service.

We’v discovered a very useful and simple service running on domain The site offers easy and convenient torrent search through most popular international trackers.  Torrent search with Tornado just takes few seconds and provides you with required torrent file in just two clicks.

Tornado - Torrent Search Engine

For today, Tornado indexes 24 tracker sites and has about 7 millions of torrent files in their database. Received data will be sorted by categories like Movies, Music, TV, Mobile Video, Software, Games, Books and others. For example, if you are unsure which movie you would like to search for, it’s very easy to go into right category and get full movie torrents list.

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Tornado’s interface is designed in a very intuitive way. The search bar leads to the search results page. Found torrents will be sorted by relevance and popularity. Once you made your decision you will be redirected to the torrent details page with listed links to the trackers, description, content, size, seeders and leechers amount as also provided similar torrents for the query.


Such search engines like Tornado are very useful for users, who would like to save time and not to search every single site separately. The service is absolutely free and user-friendly without any single advertisement on the site.

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