By default, Hibernate is not active in Windows 8 Power options. But as I recommend and you decide to enable Windows 8 Hibernate you should not be worried if you have some problems. Most of the times it is solved if you use the latest RTM version of Windows 8. But sometimes the Windows 8 Hibernate problem causes more headache then the learning curve.

In this article I try to present some of the problems faced with Windows 8 Hibernate and any of the solutions provided on the forums on the internet. This will be useful if you don’t want to go through the unnecessary stuff and directly find a solution.

Problem : Windows 8 Hibernate and Dell

One of the users (azrulxp) has posted in “” about the weird issue that his Dell XPS L502X laptop restarts after sleep/hibernate and displays BSOD on the lock screen. The excerpt of that post is as follows:

I’ve just installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit edition on my Dell XPS L502X, overall the system runs ok but today i notice strange long restarts after waking up from sleep mode / hibernate and then it when back to the logon screen. Windows then will display a memory dump error.
Please help, could this be a driver issue?

Solution :

The solution to this kind of problem is simple. All you have to do is update your BIOS at The new A12 BIOS was released on 26/10. The refreshing thing about this update is you do not have to re-install Windows 8. It is a quick process and you will not notice anything different with your startup. Just run the .exe installer from dell website and hola, you are done.

Sometimes after updating the A12 BIOS you need to choose the option – ‘refresh my pc without affecting my file‘ option. This will put your laptop to normal and no more BSOD issues.

Problem : Conflict with Applications in Windows 8

Sometimes Windows 8 crashes after wake up from sleep or hibernate. This can be mainly due to conflicting programs or applications you have installed. Some users found this conflict with the following applications.

            • HotSpot Shield
            • WinIsoCDBus

Solution :

The simple solution is to remove these programs and try the sleep or hibernate feature again. Users on the forum reported that the problem is gone when you remove such conflicting applications. (beware its not Windows 8 apps, its Windows 7/Vista/XP etc applications). So whenever  you face a crash after installing a new application, it’s better to remove the recent applications and check the hibernate feature again.

Problem : Asus Motherboard, AMD Chipset and Windows 8

Another user posted a problem with Asus motherboard and AMD Chipset on Windows 8 64 bit OS. The post is quoted below :

Wake PC from sleep and it reboots everytime. Just noticed that theres a Kernel Power 41 event viewer log. Anyone experience this issue? I’m willing to guess it’s the chipset drivers since everything else seems to check out fine for me.

Running on:
Phenom II X4 965 BE
Asus M4a89gtd pro/usb3
8GB Ram
Asus GTX470 vcard
850watt Corsair PSU.

Again, all drivers up to date except that chipset doesn’t have Win 8 drivers yet (and maybe never will unless AMD gets on the ball). Have tinkered with all the memory settings I could just to be sure it wasn’t the memory and it still wont matter (and sleep worked 100% in Win 7 64bit so that cant be the case).
Only issue I have had with Win 8 so far and actually loving it.

Solution :

The solution was not so easy as expected. After debugging the crash logs, the error was found to be lack of storage drivers. There was only Kernel Power 41 event viewer log for this error and no dump files. So primarily it was thought it was only a restart problem, but later found out that its crashing. Anyhow the problem was not completely gone. It was partially resolved by installing JMicron Storage Drivers and after removing FinalWire application and updating RealTek Codecs.

The above Windows 8 Hibernate problems are only tip of the iceberg and you will find many if you research on Google. If you face any kind of issue related to Sleep/Hibernate in Windows 8, please comment in the comments sections and I will try my best to resolve them.

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  1. win 8 after update an error came saying failure configering windows update reverting changes . please help

    1. @brian : Can you please be more specific about the error? There will be some kind of number. Sometimes cleaning %temp% files and using CCleaner can do the trick. Then do the restart.

  2. Recently, my computer started crashing with sleep/hibernate. I hadn’t installed any new applications immediately before the problem started. Help? Let me know what information you would need. Thanks!

    1. @disqus_KFUOM2vCMA:disqus : I’m not sure what the problem is ? I’m neither an expert! So even if you send me the dumps or log messages, I will not be able to trace them out.. Better post in forums where moderators will help you. But as a suggestion, I’d like you to check your drivers compatibility with Windows 8.. Thanks.