Windows 8 is elegantly designed such that its themes fit perfectly onto a dual monitor setup. So if you are using dual monitor setup you can right away test Windows 8 theme features for yourself . But you need to make sure that both the monitors are using the same resolution.

Dual monitor support is enhanced in the current Windows 8 Release preview and is flexible and more improved than in Windows 7. Windows 8 automatically detects your second monitor but as said before you need to configure the resolution in your control panel.

Groovy features exist in the new Windows 8 for dual monitor setup

  • You can put a separate taskbar on each individual monitor or extend it over the two displays.
  • You can place the taskbar icons wherever required.
  • You can stretch or tile the background images over the dual displays now.
  • You can still have Metro apps on one monitor and the normal view on the other.
  • You can still pin icons to taskbar and Aero peeks still works as expected.
  • If you click an app in the taskbar it hides the Metro interface and the app appears on the second monitor.  (provided you previously dragged the app window to the second display).
  • You can also swap the Metro interface and normal screen from one monitor to the other.
  • There is a magic (Win)  button which swaps itself with the default start menu icon from one display to the other. It’s a kinky kind of feature.

There are several features Microsoft tried to improve in its upcoming Windows 8 – extended display and second screen are some of those elements. This is much required when an user looks for a lot of workspace on his desktop PC and thus connects to dual monitors. Some would even like their second display to work as an HDTV.

How to Extend Display and Second Screen Feature in Windows 8

  1. Go To Metro Screen to load up the Windows 8 Charms bar.
  2. Now to use the above facility, you need to click on the button called “Devices” .

You will now see 4 shortcuts or options.

  • PC screen only – This option means that even though you have a dual monitor or second screen you can see the Windows 8 desktop only on the main screen.
  • Duplicate – This will clone or duplicate the view as found on the first screen to the second screen.
  • Extend – This is the option we are most interested in. Using this option you can switch between Metro UI and desktop screen at any moment using the Win key. This feature is available only for your main display, while the extended display will only show desktop screen.
  • Second Screen only – In this mode, everything will be displayed on the extended screen.

You can also watch a YouTube video, which shows Windows 8  on a Dual Monitor PC.

There are more YouTube videos which explain into the details about setting up multiple monitors for your PC.

DYI to set-up multiple monitors for your PC

How to use Dual Monitors in Windows 8 for different purposes

Installing Windows 8 and set up on your desktop

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Hope you like the Windows 8 dual and extended monitor support for your present configuration. If you think you need more support please mention in the comment section.

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