One of the silliest troubles we face in Windows is when the taskbar moves from its default location at the bottom to the side or top. This can be annoying sometimes if you don’t know how to retrieve the taskbar to it’s original location.

Earlier in Windows XP, there was no clean option to move the taskbar to the sides or top. But with the advent of new technology, you can move windows 7 taskbar to the desired location very cleanly and easily.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to move windows taskbar in XP, Vista and 7.

How to Move Windows 7 Taskbar to Sides and Top of the Screen ?

Right click near the Start button and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

This’ll display Taskbar and Start Menu Properties pop-up window.


First, uncheck Lock the taskbar option under Taskbar appearance.

Then besides Taskbar location on screen you can select the option to move the taskbar to bottom, left, right or top.  You can see the magic work on clicking the Apply button.

You can also Auto-hide the taskbar using the same pop-up window. Just place a check beside that option and your taskbar will disappear when you move your mouse away from the bottom of the screen. If you want your taskbar to appear again, just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen. You can do the same if the taskbar is to the left, right or at the top.

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You can also disable Aero Peek option in the same window. Just uncheck the option “Use Aero Peek to preview the desktop” to disable it. But I’d recommend using this option, as this provides an elegant way of viewing your desktop preview in Windows 7.

If you’re also interested in seeing the taskbar like in XP, you can simply check the option “Use small icons”. This will display the Windows 7 taskbar just like XP and with small icons, instead of the big icons which is new to Windows 7. This option is useful, if you want to have more room for viewing your windows and browsers.

How to move Windows XP taskbar to Left, Right, Top, Bottom of the screen ?

The answer is very simple. Though, this is not the elegant and interfacial way of moving your taskbar.

  • Click an empty area on Windows XP taskbar, and then drag the taskbar to left, right, bottom or top of the desktop screen.

The below YouTube video shows, how you can perform this operation more clearly.

Move Windows XP Taskbar to Top, Bottom, Left, Right of the Desktop

There is also a Windows Knowledge based article which explains the same in detail.

How to move Vista taskbar to the desired location of your desktop screen ?

The process in Vista is similar to XP.


Please comment on how you felt to move windows taskbar from it’s default location to your desired location and what location suits you best.

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