VIA High Definition Audio Driver Problem in Windows 8.1 64 bit

Is your Windows audio not working? The playback or recording devices may not be working or both. I have a Creative headset and desktop speakers respectively. Normally in the morning I’d be using the speakers to hear the sound and the headset in the night. I am using the audio-jack or the 3.5mm variant to connect both these devices to my computer.

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What is my Problem?

I had only the back-end socket which was working, while the front one was faulty. So every time I had remove the speakers plug and insert the headset jack and do vice versa, whenever I wanted to shift gears. I’m using the Windows 8.1 64 bit OS. Earlier when I shifted from headset to speakers, I just had to remove one and insert the other, without re-booting. This was in the 32-bit variant and in Windows 7 version.

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But in Win 8.1 64 bit version, when I changed from one sound device to other, my audio stopped working.

How to Solve this Issue?

The normal procedure when sound is not working in Windows is to uninstall the audio driver and scan for hardware changes. The mother board that I was using was Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. G41MT-S2P (Socket 775). The audio driver I was using was VIA HD Audio. When I referred the specs the audio codec driver that is required was – VIA VT2021 codec.

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VIA High Definition Audio Driver - Device Manager - Windows 8.1 64 bit

Trouble-shooting Steps to solve this issue

I installed the above codec from VIA and re-started the system. The latest version was But that didn’t solve the problem. Normally that solves it. But in 64 bit and with my specific devices and drivers, I was still having this problem.

Then I repeated the above steps few times, with no result. Then after reading on the Internet, I found that there is a specific issue with “High Definition Audio Controller”. But I had two such “system devices” in my device manager.

I was using the NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card. With the installation of that device, even audio drivers got installed. I also tried to uninstall them, but of no vain.

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So, my next step was to uninstall both the “High Definition Audio Controllers” and the “VIA High Definition Audio” driver. Then the PC asked me to restart. After it was done, the above “controllers” and “audio drivers” got automatically installed.


I thought the problem would be resolved by now. I still couldn’t listen to the sound. But when I checked the “Volume mixer” (obtained by right-clicking the sound icon in the System tray), the playback devices were showing indication that the audio is playing.

Then I went to “Sound” item in Control Panel. In the “Playback” tab I could see both the audio devices (headset and speakers) listed. By default, the “headset” was taken as the default playback device. But still the audio was not coming from headset even. Then, I made the speakers the “default” playback device.

Then I could hear the audio. Ha, finally after some suffering, I fixed this problem.

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Hmm. I thought I resolved the problem, but only partially. Whenever I remove the headset jack and insert the speakers jack, I still get the same problem. So then I had to resort to the same troubleshooting process again, which was little irritating.  Sometimes, I had to re-install the audio driver and re-boot the system. So I think VIA, Creative and Microsoft should do something in fixing this issue.

VIA High Definition Audio Driver Problem in Windows 8.1 64 bit
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  • Petdevils

    H Palla,

    I have what I hope will be a simple solution that works. I do the same thing switching between speaker and headphones all the time and I got smart and bought a cable that’s just like a regular 1/4 inch headphone cable but one end plugs in to the ‘speaker output’ on the back of the computer( or the front wherever you want it) and you LEAVE IT THERE FOREVER. You never unplug it – ever.

    The other end of that cable is a ‘female’ plug end (eg then you can plug your headphones OR Speakers directly INTO that end of the cable rather than having to physically plug/unplug the speakers and headphones into the computer all the time).

    So I just pulled the cable around the back of the computer desk and leave the end ‘female plug’ end sitting up on the computer desk just under the monitor/screen where I can reach it easily. Then whenever I want to switch between headphones and speakers I just plug or un plug the speaker cable or the headphones cable.

    It works great for me… but I might look to find an even better solution where I can leave them both plugged in and install some kind of electronic switch so I can just switch this one orthat one on like a light switch and never need to physically unplug anything.

    Hopefully i’l be able to find a cheap way to do this buy getting something from an electronics store or asking around on forums for advice.

    I also have a Skype headset which has a single cable with 2 plugs coming off the end as it’s split into audio and microphone. I do a similar thing that I suggested above for the MICROPHONE input. Again – permanently leave it plugged in, and leave a female end of the ‘mic in’ plug on the computer desk aswell (helps to label them).

    That way when I want to make a Skype call I just plug the headset AUDIO cable into the female plug for speakers/headphones and the mic is permanently plugged in in the other female cable ready to go. I do a slight variation of this to play my guitar through my computer etc.

    If you have any more q’s for computer stuff don’t forget tom’s hardware forums are pretty good!

    Let me know how it goes… Hope that helps 🙂


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