Wondering what RAM of laptop is or how to check the RAM configuration? RAM (Random Access Memory) is an important component that impacts your laptop’s performance.

Having sufficient RAM allows your laptop to run multiple programs efficiently by providing quick access to data. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of laptop RAM, how to check your laptop’s RAM, and provide an overview of the latest RAM options for laptops in 2023.

How to Know Amount of RAM in Laptop

The first step to understanding your laptop’s RAM configuration is to check the DDR or Double Data Rate type. DDR refers to how many times per second the RAM can read and write data. Common DDR types found in laptops include:

  • DDR3 – An older type of RAM that allows up to 8 data transfers per second. DDR3 RAM has been used in laptops since 2007.
  • DDR4 – The most widely used type currently, allowing up to 16 data transfers per second. Improves performance over DDR3.
  • DDR5 – The newest RAM specification released in 2020, allowing up to 32 data transfers per second. DDR5 is the fastest type but is only found in newer high-end laptops.

To check if your Windows laptop has DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5 RAM:

  • Go to the Start menu and search for “Task Manager”
  • Click on the Performance tab
  • Check the section labeled “Memory” – it will show the DDR type next to the word “Speed”

Knowing the DDR type will give you an idea of your laptop’s RAM speed and performance capabilities.

How Many Types of RAM in Laptop

Laptop RAM comes in different physical types or form factors. The common RAM types are:

  • SO-DIMMs – The smaller, denser RAM sticks made specifically for laptops and small devices. SO-DIMM stands for Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module.
  • SODIMMs DDR4 – The latest SO-DIMM type that supports DDR4 RAM for faster data transfer speeds. This is the most widely used laptop RAM today.
  • SODIMMs DDR5 – An emerging SO-DIMM format for DDR5 RAM. Provides ultra-fast data transfer but is currently only found in high-end laptops.

Laptops require the use of specialized SO-DIMM RAM sticks to fit into the smaller slots. Knowing if you need DDR4 or DDR5 SO-DIMMs is important for upgrading or replacing your laptop RAM.

ram for laptop ddr5

How to Check RAM Type on a Laptop using CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a free system information tool that provides detailed specs of your computer hardware including RAM details.

Install and Open CPU-Z

  1. Go to https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.php and download the latest version of CPU-Z.
  2. Double click on the .exe file and install CPU-Z on your Windows laptop.
  3. Open the CPU-Z app after installation.

Check RAM Details

  1. In the CPU-Z window, go to the “Memory” tab.
  2. Under the section SPD, you can view manufacturer, type, frequency and timings details of RAM stick 1 and stick 2.
  3. The type will clearly show whether your laptop’s RAM is DDR4 or DDR5.
  4. You can also see further technical specifications of your RAM configuration in CPU-Z like voltage, data width etc.

That’s it! With CPU-Z you can easily find out if your laptop is running DDR4 or latest gen DDR5 memory in a few simple clicks. CPU-Z offers much more detailed RAM information compared to Task Manager.

Which Type of RAM is Used Exclusively in Laptops

As mentioned above, the SO-DIMM form factor RAM is made exclusively for use in laptops and small devices. SO-DIMM sticks are about half the size of desktop RAM sticks.

The main benefits of SO-DIMMs are:

  • Small size – Allows more RAM capacity in the limited space of laptop motherboards.
  • Low power draw – SO-DIMM RAM uses less voltage to stay within laptop power budgets.
  • Efficient design – Provides notches, connectors, and pins specifically engineered for mobile devices.

For these reasons, laptops will always use SO-DIMMs over the larger DIMMs found in desktop PCs. Both DDR4 and DDR5 RAM types come in SO-DIMM variants to meet exclusive laptop compatibility.

Latest RAM of Laptop of 2023

DDR5 RAM is the latest RAM specification that is gaining adoption in new laptop models for 2023. Key features of DDR5 laptop RAM include:

  • Faster clock speeds – Starts at 4800MHz speed, almost double that of DDR4 which maxes out around 3200MHz. Enables better laptop performance.
  • Higher capacities – DDR5 goes up to 64GB per RAM stick allowing more memory in laptops.
  • Lower voltage – Operates at just 1.1v vs 1.2v for DDR4. Results in battery life savings.
  • On-board error correction – DDR5 chips have additional memory circuits to monitor and fix data errors. Improves stability.

Top laptop brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo are releasing premium consumer and business laptops with DDR5 RAM options. As manufacturing scales up, DDR5 will be more affordable and become the mainstream choice moving forward.

ram for laptop ddr

Types of RAM in 2023 for Laptop

To summarize, here are the types of laptop RAM that will be widely used going into 2023:

  • DDR4 SO-DIMMs – The current standard for laptop memory. DDR4 SO-DIMMs provide a cost-effective performance boost over older DDR3 RAM. They are available in frequencies up to 3200MHz and capacities up to 64GB per stick.
  • DDR5 SO-DIMMs – The latest generation packed with new features. DDR5 SO-DIMM capacities go up to 64GB at speeds starting from 4800MHz. Ideal for professional creators and gamers.
  • LPDDR4X – A variant of DDR4 used in ultra-thin and light laptops focused on portability. LPDDR4X has reduced power demands, allowing smaller batteries to power sleek designs. Available up to 64GB also.
  • LPDDR5 – Next-gen low power RAM for thin and light systems. Launching in 2023 laptop models with properties of both DDR5 and LPDDR4X. Enables faster yet efficient performance.

DDR4 currently offers the best balance of price and performance for most laptop users shopping in 2023. However DDR5 SO-DIMMs are the new premium option available for those wanting cutting-edge speeds. Consider your usage needs and laptop model compatibility when deciding on your next RAM upgrade!

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