Having issues getting audio through HDMI on your Dell monitor? You’re not alone – many Dell monitor owners report problems with no sound over HDMI. The good news is this problem can often be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

In this complete guide, we’ll walk through all the possible causes and solutions to get HDMI audio working on your dell monitor no audio over hdmi. We’ll cover common problems like dell monitor hdmi no sound, incorrect settings, driver issues and more. Follow along step-by-step to resolve your dell monitor no sound through hdmi.

Step 1: Check HDMI Cable and Connections

The first step is to ensure all of your physical connections are secure and that you’re using a working HDMI cable.

  • Make sure the HDMI cable is inserted completely into the ports on both your monitor and computer. Remove and re-insert both connections.
  • Try using a different HDMI cable, preferably a newer high speed HDMI cable. Older HDMI cables may not support audio transmission.
  • Try connecting your monitor’s HDMI port to another source like a game console, DVD player or streaming device. If you get sound from another source the issue is with your computer, not the monitor.
  • For dell monitor audio not working hdmi, rule out any loose port connections.

Getting audio over HDMI requires a solid physical connection between the source and display. Verify this first before troubleshooting any software related issues.

Step 2: Set Sound Output to HDMI

If you have a confirmed working HDMI connection but still no sound, the next thing to check is your audio output settings.

  • On your Dell monitor, make sure dell display no audio hdmi is selected as the audio source or output. There may be a Source or Audio Input setting in the monitor’s on-screen menu.
  • In Windows, go to Control Panel > Sound and set your HDMI device as the Default Playback Device. This will route all system audio through HDMI.
  • For dell monitor no sound via hdmi, check the Sound settings in both Windows and your monitor’s menu. Toggle through different options until you get sound.
  • On a Mac, check System Preferences > Sound and select your HDMI output. Set the volume to an audible level.
  • With dell monitor hdmi connection no sound, double check your sound output selection in both the monitor settings and your computer.

Choosing the wrong sound output is a very common cause of the HDMI no sound problem. Make sure it’s configured correctly.

Step 3: Update Graphics Drivers and Monitor Firmware

Outdated graphics drivers and monitor firmware can also prevent HDMI audio from working properly.

  • In Windows, go to Device Manager and update your graphics card drivers. For NVIDIA cards, use GeForce Experience. For AMD, use Radeon Software.
  • Check the Dell website for any available firmware updates for your monitor model. Newer firmware may resolve dell monitor hdmi no audio output problems.
  • After updating graphics drivers and monitor firmware, restart your computer and test HDMI audio again. Drivers play an integral role in HDMI functionality.
  • On Dell’s site you can enter your monitor’s Service Tag to automatically find the latest drivers and firmware. This helps fix dell monitor no sound hdmi windows 10 problems.
  • Make sure your HDMI drivers are up to date in macOS as well using System Information. Old drivers contribute to dell monitor no audio via hdmi cable problems.

Updating critical software components like graphics drivers and firmware ensures maximum compatibility with the HDMI standard and your specific monitor model. Always keep these up to date.

Step 4: Change Audio Format in Windows

Another common cause of Dell monitor HDMI no sound is an incompatible audio format. Windows defaults to high definition audio formats that may not be supported.

  • In Windows Sound settings, select the HDMI device and click Device Properties. Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Try changing the audio format to CD quality 16-bit 44.1kHz or lower like 22.05kHz. Click Test to check for sound.
  • If setting a lower audio format resolves your dell monitor no audio over hdmi problem, leave it at that quality. Higher formats may not work.
  • Alternately, go to Sound Control Panel > Playback tab. Select your HDMI device, click Configure and try different formats.
  • Setting a basic stereo audio format like 2 channel 16bit 44100Hz may be required for dell monitor hdmi no sound fixes.

Windows sometimes defaults to surround sound or other higher quality formats your monitor may not support. Setting a standard stereo format typically resolves any compatibility issues.

Step 5: HDMI EDID Reset

As a last resort, resetting the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) on your HDMI port can help resolve stubborn audio issues. EDID stores information about your display capabilities.

  • Turn off your Dell monitor and disconnect power for 60 seconds. This clears any stored EDID data.
  • Reconnect and turn on your monitor. Windows will re-read the EDID information which may fix dell monitor no sound through hdmi.
  • You can also go into your monitor’s service menu and select Reset EDID or Factory EDID to reset audio capabilities that fix dell monitor audio not working hdmi problems.
  • If you have a graphics card utility like NVidia Control Panel, you can do a manual EDID reset there as well. This resolves dell display no audio hdmi issues.

Resetting EDID essentially clears the HDMI handshake and allows devices to re-establish optimal compatibility. When all else fails, this simple reboot method often works to restore HDMI audio.


Troubleshooting HDMI audio issues can be frustrating but usually boils down to something simple like a loose connection, wrong sound output, outdated drivers or incompatible formats.

Follow through all the steps above in order to successfully get dell monitor no sound via hdmi working properly. Verify connections, update software, change formats and reset EDID if needed. This will resolve the majority of dell monitor hdmi connection no sound and dell monitor hdmi no audio output problems reported by Dell monitor owners.

Getting HDMI audio up and running again allows you to enjoy your monitor’s speakers without having to resort to separate cables or converters. With the right troubleshooting, your dell monitor no sound hdmi windows 10 and dell monitor no audio via hdmi cable issues can finally be put to rest for good.

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