To be able to manage an online store, you first need to decide on the platform on which to work.

It is very important to choose the right platform because, in the future, it will depend on how well your business works.

Therefore, this should be taken into account, especially for entrepreneurs with small businesses.

This is easily explained because they, in turn, have to manage with only small resources and a budget.

magento vs shopify


Shopify is a fairly easy-to-use commercial solution. Nowadays, it can be used to create online stores.

A Shopify development company can easily integrate into existing merchant workflows by developing custom code, scripts, and applications to solve complex problems.

If we talk about this platform, then it is worth noting that it has a lot of points that are worth paying attention to.

Firstly, it has a large number of functions that can also be included in the platform.

This is highly regarded today as some of Shopify’s unique features may include:

Shopify Payments:

It should be noted that Shopify has its own payment processor, which is in turn included in its platform. One of the advantages of using Shopify Payments is that it doesn’t require additional fees.

Abandoned Cashier Recovery:

This is a very handy feature, as it automatically sends an email to users with a link to their abandoned card. In this way, it can remind the user that the purchase is over.

Blogging platform:

The presence of a blog helps not only to publish various articles but also to establish a connection with customers.

Automatic Taxes:

This is very handy, as Shopify can handle country and state tax rates automatically.

Mobile App:

With some tweaking of the Shopify mobile app, this will allow users to manage orders, products, staff, and customers. Therefore, it is possible to implement all this on the road. It saves a lot of time.


Shopify has a plethora of marketing options today. Also, it can include SEO optimization, loyalty programs, discounts, gift cards, various social media integrations, and much more.

Customer support:

Shopify provides 24/7 support, which is great because it makes it easy to contact the development team for any issue seven days a week. However,  customers can quickly access their help center, discussion forums, and e-commerce university.

When it comes to specific features that come with Shopify, they may ultimately depend on a person’s subscription plan.


Magento is popular today due to quite a lot of features that are included in its platform.

Fast payments: Magento can provide very fast payments. Today, this option is highly appreciated by customers because it can provide users with the ability to quickly and conveniently place orders on one page. This will save time.

Site management:

With Magento, site management has become even more convenient. For starters, it allows a single administrator to manage multiple sites at the same time. Secondly, it helps to create, review, and plan further content updates.

Payment Processing:

Magento works with very famous payment gateways such as PayPal and Braintree and has integrations with over 300, including international gateways.


The Magento platform today can provide just over 100 predefined reports and nine report dashboards. When implementing Magento into your work, it is possible to create and edit your reports.

Client development:

Today, Magento provides many opportunities to attract and support customers. It is appropriate to name options such as guest registration or login, email marketing campaigns, coupons, various lucrative promotional offers, product wish lists, and gift wrapping.

International Trade:

In addition to working with international payment gateways, Magento allows to manage sites in different countries.


Choosing a platform for work, first of all, it is needed to proceed from the goals, experience, and means.

Since there are some differences between these two platforms, all of these factors need to be considered when choosing the best e-commerce platform that is important for your business.

Everything is very individual. So, when choosing between Shopify and Magento, you need to weigh what matters most.

So, Shopify is the go-to solution when it comes to building a very basic website.

This kind of site will not require much effort and maintenance.

Hence, such a platform would be an ideal solution for new businesses that do not have a big budget or the technical know-how to build it more comprehensively.

However, Magento is an excellent choice today for those who have a large business and have the desire to scale.

Of course, if the plan is to develop an online store that will have many functions and settings, it is better to turn attention to Magento. Magento’s enhanced features are capable of making it a great option for larger businesses.

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