Windows 10

You can get the latest updates about Windows 10 using the “Insider Preview” program of Microsoft. Slow and Fast ring options are two ways of getting these new builds. By this May, the number of total devices (tablets, PCs, phones) using Windows 10 have risen to 300 million. The market share of Windows 10 has [...]

Windows 10 is almost 4 years old. 1903 version is also released. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the necessary functions. Whether you use desktop or mobile. The days of wire are more like “Star Trek“. You can have various devices working on Bluetooth. You can get connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi. But that’s not with [...]

Oops! I mistakenly deleted a partition which stores all my important data including precious photos of my families and other videos. How to get back those files? Do I need a software to recover those files from the deleted partition? Is there any advisable suggestion? As we know, hard disk is the secondary storage of your [...]

You are a gaming freak and have installed Windows 10 lately. Definitely you would like to know how games perform, on this new OS. The best method is to check out the benchmarks offered by different tools and reviewers on YouTube. You can definitely get a hint on how a game works out on Windows [...]

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