Truecaller Premium Features are many. The free version itself will identify the caller id. But what about fake calls, marketing calls, network calls and spam callers disturbing you in the middle of important work. Also, when you use the free version, lot of ads are displayed.

Truecaller has the vast benefit of being used by millions of users. Spam protection of billions of calls.

What is the use of truecaller premium?

1.     This app is made in Sweden and India.
2.     Premium advantage is that it has No Ads.
3.     Helpful to identify by the caller’s name.
4.     You can also block spam callers and advertising networks that can cause financial damage and time loss.
5.     In case call recording is not supported in your Android version, then this app can do that.
6.     A premium badge is displayed to the calling users, which indicates the authenticity of your account. You can check who viewed your profile.
7.     Also, you can make 30 contact requests /month to people asking for their phone numbers and other details.advantages of truecaller premium

How does truecaller premium work?

·        Purchase the Premium plan as mentioned in the below details.
·        All the features of Truecaller Premium are automatically enabled.
·        If necessary, you can go to the Settings of the app and make the required changes.
·        You can set up why you are calling people. 
·        Once you grant the required permissions, this app will automatically identify the caller.
·        Install the app from PlayStore.
·        Tap on Get Started.
·        It will ask whether you would like to make it the default call dialer and SMS app.
·        Truecaller needs access to your calls, contacts, and SMS to show call history and filter spam SMS. 
One of the critical security notes is that it doesn’t source its data from contacts in your phonebook. Tap on Continue. The following permissions are required. 
Allow Truecaller to make and manage phone calls
Allow Truecaller to access your contacts
Allow Truecaller to send and view SMS messages

Initially, provide all the permissions. Afterward, if you want to make it only a caller id app, you can disable the SMS feature. 
1.      You can do Live Caller Id by enabling “Draw over other apps” in your system settings.
2.      Tap on Go To Settings. Enable the option Permit drawing over other apps.
3.      Allow Truecaller to be on the Homepage screen.
4.      If you have previously installed Truecaller Premium, it will ask to restore the backup.
5.      Choose your Google or any other account where the blockage is stored. 
Allow Truecaller to access photos, media, and files on your device. 

How to make truecaller default?

During the installation of Truecaller itself, it asks to become the default dialer app. But if you have denied this option, you can easily set the default calling app in another way. Find the settings of your phone and the default apps. Tap the item that is similar to dialer or dial. Generally, the phone caller app will be the default one. You have to change it to Truecaller to make it the default calling to set truecaller as default dialer

How to remove truecaller as default dialer in Mi phone?

I will explain this for Redmi Note 4. The process is similar to other Mi phones.
1.     Open the Settings.
2.     Scroll through to tap Manage apps under the Apps section.
3.     Tap the three vertical dots on the top right-hand side.
4.     Tap on Default apps.
5.     The default apps for Browser, Camera, Gallery, Music, etc., can be seen here.
6.     Similarly, for Dial and Messaging, Truecaller is set as default.
7.     Tap on Dial and select a different app like Contacts and dialer to remove Truecaller as the default dialer.
8.     Otherwise, Tap on Reset to default at the bottom.
9.     It will restore the default apps for different categories, including dialer and to remove truecaller default calling app

How to disable truecaller as default dialer?

Find the default apps in your mobile phone. You should see something related to Dial or Dialer in your phone settings. Tap on that option. If Truecaller is selected as the default dialer, then you can select a different dialer app to disable Truecaller. Otherwise, you can also reset your default preferences to disable truecaller as default dialer.

How much is truecaller premium?

Currently, the price as of April 2021 is INR 449/year. Otherwise, you can subscribe for INR 49/months. If you use a recurring payment method, you will get a three-day free trial. Otherwise, if you intend to purchase for one year only without normal mode, the price is still Rs 449/year, but you will not get the free trial.

It also varies in the year you purchased. In 2020, the price was different. You also have the option of Redeem code. It will reduce the cost. But on renewal, the price will be a little higher. Using the discount code, I could get it for Rs 264/year subscription. On renewal, the price will be Rs 529/ to buy truecaller premium

How to buy truecaller premium?

1.    Tap on the “Premium” label at the bottom.
2.    Make the payment as you buy a subscription for any app in Google Play Store.
3.    You can save 24% if you buy for one year.
4.    You are offered a three-day free trial.
5.    Then you can pay using your Google Play account.
6.    You can either use the UPI method, credit, or debit card.
7.    If you have a redeem code, you can also use it.
8.    It will be auto-renewal.
9.    If you buy it with a one-time payment, there will be no free trial.
10.   Then you need to enter your bank UPI PIN to complete the UPI payment.purchase truecaller premium app using google play store

How to cancel truecaller premium?

1.    Open Play Store on mobile.
2.    Tap the profile pic at the top.
3.    Tap on Payments and subscriptions.
4.    On the next screen, Tap on Subscriptions.
5.    You can see the Truecaller subscription here.
6.    Manage subscription page will open. It will show the following details.
·       Next payment
·       Subscriber since
·       Plan
·       Primary Payment method
·       Backup Payment method
7.    Tap on Cancel subscription at the bottom.
It will stop your Truecaller Premium membership after the due to cancel truecaller premium subscription

How to set truecaller as default?

When you install the app itself, it will ask permission to become the default dialer and SMS app for your mobile phone. It will automatically make Truecaller the default app for calling and messaging. Otherwise, you can follow these steps.
1.     Open the Settings of your mobile. (This will vary on Android and phone versions like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, etc.)
2.     Find the default apps section.
3.     For Dial and Messaging, the default apps of the phone are set.
4.     Just change them to Truecaller.
It will make Truecaller the default caller and messaging app for your mobile phone.make truecaller premium benefits your own

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