As you use different apps on your mobile phone, its cache size increases. Internet usage is part of all app functions. This will also cause your cache memory to become full. Since Redmi Note 4 phones have limited storage capacity, large cache files can slow your mobile

Each app will have its own cache storage. So more the number of apps, your cache size also will be more. 

A 32GB variant of this Android phone can have system apps prebuilt with the phone. The OS occupies a chunk of the storage. The remaining space is filled up by installed apps. Normally you are left with 6 to 10GB of storage data. 

Cache files are temporary files which are redundant from personal use. But they aid in functioning of the installed and system apps. They occupy some part of your ROM or internal data storage

If you don’t clear your cache from time-to-time, they can easily fill up the space and slow your mobile down. You can do it once or twice in a week, based upon your app and internet usage. 

In this post we are going to see 4 different ways to clear cache in Redmi Note 4 phone. 

Method #1 – Clear All App Cache at Once with Settings

The best way to clear all your app cache at once in Redmi Note 4 is using the Settings app. Follow the steps below. 

  1. From Tools or Home Screen, open Settings. 
  2. System Settings > Storage
  3. It will take some time to calculate your cached data. 
  4. Tap Cached data
  5. Pop-up will show up – This will clear cached data for all apps.
  6. Tap on OK. 

This should clear all your app cache at once. This method is simplest of all and useful, if you are clearing your cache after a long time. 

Method #2: Clear each App Cache using Settings

Sometimes, you would like to keep the remaining apps cache and clear only a specific app cache. Then this method will be helpful. Follow these steps. 

  1. Open Settings
  2. Apps > Manage apps
  3. Tap on a particular app.
  4. Tap on Storage
  5. On the next-screen, you can see the app cache size. 
  6. Tap on Clear data
  7. Tap on Clear cache on the next pop-up.

This should clear the app cache. 

Method #3: Clear Cache using Security App

The advantage with the Redmi Note 4 phone is that it has an inherent security and cleaner app. Follow these steps to clear the general cache on this mobile phone. 

  1. Tap the Security app on the home screen.
  2. Tap on Cleaner
  3. This will take a few seconds to show cache files.
  4. Tap on Cache files.
  5. List of system and installed apps with their cache storage is displayed. 
  6. Tap on Clean Up.

This method is used to clean all the junk, obsolete, memory temp files. It acts most like a temp files cleaner on Redmi Note 4. This is not a complete method for clearing your app cache. Only a few apps related to cache are cleaned. 


The above YouTube video (not mine) will show you how to clear cache and app data on any Xiaomi device which includes Redmi Note 4 and other phones. You can clear each individual app cache using the explanation above. The steps are the same as mentioned in the above methods.

Method #4: Clear cache when device is locked

  1. Open the Security App.
  2. Tap the gear icon (Settings) on the top right-hand corner. 
  3. Tap on Boost speed, under Feature Settings. 
  4. On the next screen you can see – Clear cache when device is locked.
  5. Tap it. 
  6. You can set the time interval of 1min, 5min, 10min, 30min, Never

This way you can automatically clean your phone cache after a specified time interval. But this is not optimal. As frequent cleaning of cache can hamper working of the app. If the app is running it may stop or can work in a vague manner. 

Only use this method, if you think your mobile is becoming very slow and apply auto speed boost features. 


In the above methods, the first method is the best manual method to clear cache on your Redmi phone. You will have better control on when to clear your cache. 

Also frequently cleaning your cache can slow the working of your apps, as they store some app related data in cache. Only perform this function when your mobile is slowing down and your storage gets filled up. 

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