[Review] Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 Settings Explained with Screenshots

Cyber criminals who were in thick of action in 2012 and 2013, have increased their presence through online marketing. For example, the Blackhole exploit kit which was rampant in 2012 got replaced by new exploit kits in 2013 using its parent malicious code. Though it’s author, nick-named “Paunch” was lately arrested in October, 2013, the

Windows 8 and 8.1 Task Manager – A Complete Review

When ever we talk about killing a process or application, it’s the Task Manager that comes to the mind first. Since the days of XP, this little in-built tool could be accessed by simply pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys altogether. But with the advent of Windows 8, there are few changes to be

How To Manage Passwords in Windows 8.1 – Applies to 7 and 8

In 2004, Bill Gates predicted the end of passwords. But still in 2014, we are using them, just as we did a decade earlier.  Though, with the advent of smartphones, the way we store and retrieve our passwords has changed a lot. For example in Windows 8.1, we can sign-in into our account using three

“Change PC Settings” – Solutions to Some Problems and Working Options

When you move your cursor to the Charms bar in Windows 8 or 8.1, you will see a gear icon which represents “Settings“. When you click on that icon, some more options are available for you.  The most important of it is the “Change PC settings” present at the bottom. When you click that icon,

[Solved] : Some solutions to Windows 8.1 HDMI Audio Problems

After the recent upgrade of Windows 8 to 8.1, there were several problems associated with HDMI audio. Some of them will go away as there are further updates to this new version. But after searching the web I found a few problems related to HDMI audio and will list a few solutions which are mentioned

How To Customize the Windows 8.1 Start Menu BackGround : Classic Shell?

Microsoft has already announced that the next big Windows 8.1  update is going to be on Oct 17th, 2013. You can download it from the Windows Store. The Preview is now available. The  most talked about enhancements of this update is the Start Menu. The Apps Screen which is new to Windows 8.1 is better