Computer users and teenagers who are addicted to gadgets and mobile devices, are feeling the knack of it. People stay long in the night working on Facebook or commenting on blogs,  and getup late in the morning. But what is the culprit that is preventing you from sleeping at the right time? This state of […]

We earlier talked about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview killer features and the system requirements of Windows 8. At the end of the previous post, I talked about some hidden features which are not yet proclaimed by Microsoft as features. I’d detail some of these hidden features which may or may not come in the […]

Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview and is well suited for touch devices. You can see that in the new preview, the Start button and Start menu are completely removed. You can get back the Windows 8 Start Orb/Menu/Button using ViStart which is a tiny piece of software which was useful in Windows 7. Though […]

If you’ve downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer preview and you’re testing it, you’d definitely be missing the start button present in the earlier versions of Windows. I personally liked the Windows 7 software like the Taskbar and Start button. But with the advent of Windows 8 everything has become touch intuitive. Generally as is the […]

The last one week has been hectic with Microsoft releasing the “Windows 8 Customer Preview” which is like a BETA version. Earlier, it released the developer version which got good response and it made clear to the consumers that it’s ready now for testing. In the recent version about 10,000 bugs were fixed that appeared […]

One of the silliest troubles we face in Windows is when the taskbar moves from its default location at the bottom to the side or top. This can be annoying sometimes if you don’t know how to retrieve the taskbar to it’s original location. Advanced Settings to Change Windows Color and Appearance in 8 and […]

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