Cheap Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 for only $15

Can you believe that you can upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, as cheaply as, $14.99 ? Yes, that’s true!

But there is a small twist in this Microsoft story. If you want to get this dead cheap upgrade price, than you have to buy a Windows 7 PC between June 2nd, 2012 and Jan 31st, 2013 (including dates).

In this way you will “almost get a FREE upgrade” to Windows 8 with as low as $15 (approx.)


This will also reduce the headache if you are thinking of buying a new PC right now. You may be post-phoning the PC buying date, thinking that Windows 8 will soon release and you can buy it at that time.

Don’t worry! The Rules are Simple!

What are the Rules ?

  • Your PC must come  pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate.
  • It should include a matching and valid OEM Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
  • The offer must be utilized before the end of Feb, 2013.

What are the Advantages ?

The Upgrade offer also comes with a 90 day Microsoft support. So you can get technical assistance from Windows support team if you face any problem.

Unfortunately Windows 7 Starter Edition users are exempted from this upgrade offer.

If you are in India, this international upgrade discount would likely to cost you around Rs. 850. But Microsoft has confirmed a better Windows 8 Upgrade offer for India. The price of the upgrade is as low as Rs. 700.

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[Post Updated : 10th Jan, 2013]

How to Upgrade for 15 dollars?

The process is not so straight forward. You need to fill out some forms and run some software before you can actually download the Windows 8 Pro version for $15.  Anyhow, the steps are as follows :

  • First, visit this Upgrade offer page.
  • Complete the details in the form, which will be somewhat like this.
Windows 8 Upgrade for 15 dollars


  • Once you complete and submit the form, you will get a $25 promo code to your email, which you need to apply in the next steps.
  • Download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant and run it on the PC you want to upgrade. The upgrade assistant will do a few compatibility checks.
Compatibility Checks with Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Next, you are asked the option to keep any settings or do a clean install. There are basically 3 options here.

  1. Windows settings, personal files, and apps
  2. Just personal files
  3. Nothing

If you do not want to re-install all your programs, then choose first option. If you just want to keep your personal files, choose the second option. If you want to do a clean install, choose the third option.

Note : Before you do the upgrade, its always better to make a system image or do a backup.

  • The next window screen will detail, what you can upgrade to.
$39.99 upgrade

Click the “Order button. The next screen will ask you whether you want a digital download or want to order the DVD for $14.99. The online download will be in the form of ISO file. Click the “Checkout” button.

Next, you will be prompted to put in your name, address, credit card information, etc. Fill out the form and you will be presented with the “Confirm Your Order” page. Within the page, you will see a field where you can put in the Promo Code. Check your email, by now, there should be an email from Microsoft with your Promo Code. Put the code and hit Apply. Now you can see that the total on the bottom went down to $14.99. Agree to the terms and click “Buy” and the next page will show your upgrade license key. Copy the license key and print it out – you will need it during the install. You should also receive an email with the license key.

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Note : Make sure that a prior version of Windows is installed on your PC before you start the upgrade process. The installer will not be checking your license key. So you can upgrade from any prior version of Windows, as long as it is pre-installed. Do not format or delete the partition, before you start the upgrade process as this will make your promo code invalid. If you want a clean install, delete the partition only during the upgrade process.

So in what form the Upgrade will be?

The upgrade will be in the form of downloadable copy (or executable) of Windows 8 Professional. Windows 7 users who adhere to the above guidelines can download Windows 8 from the official release date onwards.

The South African price for this offer is likely to come at around R125. For UK and Europe users this price would be around £10.

So what if you already bought a Windows 7 PC or you are on a Vista/XP machine? Then you have to wait till Microsoft releases the date of Windows 8 upgrade price.

So if you are thinking to buy lot of Windows 7 PCs to utilize this offer, just like a retailer, you are on the wrong foot.

The maximum number of Windows 7 PCs,  a user can buy under this offer is only five. Another advantage with this discount offer, is you don’t need to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 if that’s you don’t want to do.

Suppose, you are on a XP system and would like to upgrade to Windows 8 and leave the Windows 7 PC as it is, you can do it that way. That’s because, you are provided the license to download a copy of Windows 8 Pro just like other retailer users who paid for to download it.

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When is the Windows 8 Release Date?

So everyone is looking for an answer for this big question! When is it? So if the current trend of development, testing and milestones continue in the same pace as it is now, the OS is expected to release by this holiday shopping season, according to company reports.

Read this book on Windows 8 which contains simple tutorials and examples, which costs only $9.99.

The difference in this time’s release and earlier releases of Microsoft OS’s is that the company will be in charge of eligibility, payments, delivery, software support unlike previously when OEMs and other 3rd parties were involved in the process.

As a bottom line, the Windows 8 upgrade offer is available in 131 markets/countries throughout the world available in 37 languages.

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