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[Review] The best Windows 10 Privacy Tool with Easy Settings – O&O ShutUp10

Windows 10 privacy issues are one of the crucial aspects of OS. Data collected through diagnostic information, access to app activity, web sites visited through cookie and browser activity are ways data is leaked. Some are managed for analytics purpose to know the statistics of the site. But we are not sure whether those are the …

Windows 10 Spotlight Not Working – How to Fix it ? [Working]

Windows 10 spotlight is an attractive feature on the lock screen. In addition, Bing wallpaper sets the desktop background apart. In the same way, new and changing images make this feature very delightful. In many cases, you see additional information. Also Read – Top 5 News and Interests Features in Windows 10 and Settings What is Windows 10 Spotlight …
task manager problem windows 10 solved

Fix: Windows 10 1809 Task Manager Processes CPU Tab not showing Correctly

In October 2018, the Task Manager Problem Windows 10 showed that processes tab not displaying correctly. One could observe that the total processes combined to show the CPU % value was in difference with sum of all individual process CPU%. Well, this problem got solved in the new update of Windows 10 version 1809 released on …
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