Certain things are not the same as in Windows 7. One-time users who have upgraded to Windows 8.1 must have felt this bolt. For example, the advanced appearance settings which were very easy to change in 7, are not the same in Windows 8. Certain things still remain un-resolved to-date, like changing windows border colors, title bar colors, text colors and background colors.

For days, I didn’t put much heed to these kind of problems. As these were only aesthetic and less negotiated for performance, I kept my fingers crossed. But lately, title bar colors of windows suddenly changed to dark blue. I cannot see the text in the title bar and had to use my guess work to see which windows I was working on.

How To Change Windows 8.1 Title Bar Color?

Though this may look simple for many of you. I couldn’t find the solution with default options of Microsoft OS. The easiest way to change the title bar color is using your theme.

For example, I am using the “Perspectives of Japan by Kazuo Nakadai” theme in my Windows 8.1 OS. To change the settings for your theme, you can use the Charms Bar.

Moving the mouse to the bottom right hand side corner, till the cursor disappears will show up the Charms Bar in PC.

From there click on Settings > Personalization.

( An alternative way is to go through the Control Panel )

Select the current theme and go to the bottom.

That’s it! Your windows title bar color will be changed in real-time.

There are several options in this window.

  • You can select different colors.
  • You can change Hue, Saturation, Brightness for a particular color.
  • You can also select the automatic option.


Though this is simple, the choices may or may not be there for Windows 8 users. So if you have not updated to Windows 8.1 you may be missing something. But I don’t forcibly recommend you to update to 8.1 for this reason. You have your choice. But in-case there is no “Color” option in there, you can try a different theme which has one.

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  1. John Graham says:

    Good article. I had found this solution on my own, but it was important to learn that a smarter windows guy agreed. Now I can stop looking. Consider this: windows employs over 3000 software people. They have time (years) to test, re-test, explore every option and nuance. When they delete features it is simply that they have a notion that it will increase their income. Only a stupid, evil person deletes features that are important. This is Bill Gates happiness. Crapping on customers. Bill came to me a few weeks after forming Microsoft. I refused to invest. I was short-sighted, maybe a little stupid. Now allmy computers run Linux except this one. I buy a new laptop twice a year so I can keep up with windows. The most recent one, with Windows 10 was just too much. I gave it away. When this one breaks I will not repair it. No more Microsoft. Should have done this when the evil morons killed Windows 7.