There’s never really a break from Gmail inbox, isn’t it?

Did you know that a huge volume of emails is exchanged every year, and the numbers are constantly increasing?

It is, however, not just the large count of emails that seems staggering, but the time we require to look, read, and reply to these emails. Therefore, we have come up with a list of a few tips to help you manage your mailbox before it manages you.

Use Smart Compose to Revert Faster

The Smart Compose is an outstanding feature from Google that lets you finish your sentence like autofill. When you start with replying to your email, Gmail’s AI algorithm will try to suggest what you’re writing.

Press the Tab key to automatically populate the suggestion into the mail. It works similarly when we finish each other’s sentence in the middle by guessing what the other person is trying to say.

You can activate the Smart Compose option by following the given steps. Navigate to the Settings, tap General, and then toggle the option to turn on the Smart Compose feature. You can even provide your feedback to make this feature much more powerful by learning in real-time.

By selecting Personalization, Google will customize the composition according to your specific preferences. To make it work, navigate to the More Options option available at the bottom section of the email toolbar and then click on Smart Compose Feedback.

Recall an Email After You Hit Send

It is annoying when you hit send from your gmail mailbox without realizing that you have put the wrong name or typos in the mail message. Gmail now has an option to revoke or recall the email after up to 30 seconds of it being sent to the recipient.

This feature is a savior. You can set this up by going to Settings. In the Settings window, tap General, and then toggle to undo send and select the duration until when you want to activate it.

Schedule Email to Send Later

Want to send an email to someone at 1:00 PM but also have to attend an important meeting? Gmail’s cool feature lets you schedule these emails for later.

You can select exactly when the email needs to be sent, such as the date and time. It allows you to stay ahead of your deadlines while also making the most of your life.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail, your preferred mail service, uses plenty of shortcuts keys that make it easy to manage your inbox. For example, press C to start composing a mail, or click B + D to visit the drafts, and accelerate your work by using a dozen other shortcuts for everything you need to handle your inbox.

But, first, enable keyboard shortcuts from Settings, click Advanced, and then select Enable keyboard shortcuts.

Self-Destruct the Email After Sending

Whether you’re sending funny photos of your pets or sharing confidential company information (like your appointment details) via mail, it is usually risky. Gmail’s self-destruct feature, however, lets you remove that email after a specific period of time. Like Snapchat, these mails only stay for a stipulated time in the recipient’s inbox and then disappear.

Moreover, the email cannot be forwarded, copied, downloaded, or printed, and you can even revoke access to that email from your account before the time’s up.

After you’re finished composing your email, you can click on the small clock icon with a lock next to the Send button. This feature also gives you the option to password protect the message. Just click the option that says SMS passcode under the Require Passcode option.

Make Use of Canned Responses

Set up and import pre-written templates efficiently in your mail responses. This feature majorly supports all business people who share the same type of email with hundreds of people every day. It is one of the latest yet sluggish versions of Copy + Paste, just without having to worry about providing the wrong name.

To ease your task, it even picks up attachments and subject lines that you might have used before. To enable the canned templates, navigate to the Settings, tap on General, and then select Enable Canned Responses.

Put the Gmail Inbox on Snooze

Remember how we talked about never getting a break from emails? Well, Gmail figured that out too. Now you can enable the Snooze feature in your Gmail inbox and put those back-to-back notifications on hold for as long as you like, a month, a week, or a day.

When you are all set to read your emails, the messages will display again in the inbox. You can also use the dedicated label for the snoozed emails from the left-hand sidebar.

Be More Organized

You can divide your inbox into multiple tabs using the tabs update feature of Gmail. Your mails can be segregated into labels like Social, Updates, Promos, and News. The advantage is that you need not switch from one type of email to another and add more confusion. You can even segregate emails based on priority and importance.

In addition, if you want to add a recipient in an old mail trail in Gmail, type the + sign and add the name of the recipient into the body of the email message. They will automatically be added to the loop.

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