Though touch based smart-tablets and voice commands are becoming popular, the good old “mouse” is still popular in today’s computer systems. People usually use their mouse to open a document, open a context menu and to select, drag & drop files and folders etc. But the tricks and tips that mouse can do are $s worth.

10 Simple Tricks & Tips for Windows 7 Users

  • Select Text Using [SHIFT] Key
  • Select Multiple Text Pieces Using [CTRL] Key
  • Select Vertical Text Using [ALT] Key
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out
  • Maximize Or Close The Window
  • Open The Link In New Tab
  • Extended Context Menu
  • Open Multiple Links
  • Auto Scroll The Window
  • Drag and Drop

As you can see above, the limitations of mouse are unlimited. Out of the 10 tips, the zooming feature using mouse is my top-most $tip. Simply pressing the [CTRL] button and scrolling the wheel up will Zoom in your Word documents and [CTRL] + Scroll down will Zoom out your text. This is a useful feature if you are browsing using Chrome/IE/Firefox, as sometimes the text of some websites are very small. Just using this simple trick you can Zoom In and can get back to default position again.

For more details on the above tricks and $tips, you can just visit the following link.

You can also use these mouse tricks in your Excel 2007 or 2010. Though you can find several tips on most excel websites, I’ll try to provide some important power tricks by which you can simplify Excel activities.

Convert formulas to values

When I was recently doing some spreadsheet work in my office, I found copying and pasting formula based data to other cells a little headache. I just used a workaround by taking a print-out of that column and manually entering into other cells. But that’s ridiculous with all the technology Excel provides. But today, I found a superb tip which reduced my manual work by almost zero.

You can convert data in columns or cells which is formula based to values using this awesome trick.

    1. Select a range of cells
    2. Use the right mouse button to click the border
    3. Keep the right mouse button pressed, and drag one row to the right
    4. Keep the right mouse button pressed, and drag back into the original position
    5. Release right mouse button
    6. Select ‘Copy here as values only’


Using the keyboard, this trick is still faster. In order to replace the whole column which is formula based, to values, you can do the following.

    • CTRL + Space to select the whole column
    • CTRL + C to copy
    • CTRL + ALT + V to bring up the paste special dialog box
    • V to select paste as values
    • Enter to close the paste special dialog box

You can become a excel power user and increase your $ profit,  if you use these 20 mouse tricks for excel which are presented in this article in detail.

The list of mouse tricks and tips which makes you $s are endless. Only if you can memorize and practice these shortcuts on a daily basis you can make your computer work more easy and finish your office work with ease.

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