Many-a-times you might have faced Windows update problems, which will hinder your user experience. In Windows 10, delivery optimization comes to the rescue for better download and update experience of store apps and updates. Though you can do other tasks while Windows 10 is updating, it is quite common to wait for the updates to finish.

What-if there is a mechanism, where you can speed up this process? For this purpose, let’s see the Update & Security setting feature called “Delivery Optimization”.It will keep your engaging time with the updates minimal. Also you can make sure your updates are installed successfully or not.

Delivery Optimization

This has a new tab under Update & Security setting. You can get Windows and Store app updates and other Microsoft updates quickly and securely. Your Internet connection may be unreliable or too slow. You might be updating several PCs at one time. Now allowing downloads from other systems can speed up the update process.

Once this option is activated, your PC will send parts of previously downloaded updates and apps to PCs on the local network or Internet. But this will not work if you are on a metered connection.

There are two options under this feature –

Allow downloads from other PCs

  1. PCs on my local network
  2. PCs on my local networks, and PCs on the Internet

This scenario is most suited if you are in an office environment, where you need to update lot of PCs. It is a useful feature to system administrator. If your ISP speed rate is 20 Mbps, you can easily get updates to your other PCs at a faster rate than that.

delivery optimization settings windows 10

There are also Advanced options.

When the above setting is activated, Windows 10 will automatically monitor the download and upload speeds to optimize the resources, the computer needs. The amount of bandwidth required for both the above processes is dynamically taken care of, by default. But if you want to manual manage it, you have the following settings.

Download settings

  1. Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background
  2. Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the foreground

You set the levels in between 0 to 100%.

Upload settings

  1. Limit how much bandwidth is used for uploading updates to other PCs on the Internet
  2. Monthly upload limit

Once the monthly upload limit is reached, your PC will stop uploading updates and apps to other systems in your network.

advanced options delivery optimization windows 10

A graphic also shows the amount of monthly upload to date. It also shows the amount left over, which can be used for further updates.

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