Office 2013

Did you ever face the challenge of Microsoft Excel 2013 not opening or saving documents? There can be several errors for this kind of problem. But in this article, we are going to see a fix for a particular kind of issue. The error message would look something like this – Microsoft Excel cannot open [...]

I already talked about the significant differences between Office 365 and 2013. The former is more of a subscription based model and has cloud-based support. The latter is more of a traditional upgraded version of spread-sheet software which Microsoft has been earning dollars for years. Read More : Office 2010 SP2 Update –  KB2687455 Failure ( Solution with [...]

Databases form the core of MS Access system which include cells, rows, tables and other miscellaneous elements. But once these databases go corrupt several things can happen – internal and external of Access. The database files generally have extensions ending in  *.accdb,*.mdb, *.adp, *.mda,*.accda,*.mde,*.accde,*.ade  which form the core group of Access. Enterprises use still bigger [...]

Office 2013 ( and also Office 365) were released on Jan 29th with much pomp and galore. The Professional version of Office 2013 costs around $400 without discount. But PKCs (Product key cards) which were debuted with Microsoft Office 2010 may get you the same software at $360, 40 dollar less. Read More : Office [...]

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