Office 2013 proposes to have many new interesting features, with Windows 8 release date coming soon. The most profitable component of Office for Microsoft has been Excel. Now using Office Excel 2013 new features you can find new ways to visualize, analyze and display results with a single click and explore data more intuitively. You can Discover, Visualize, Share data with Excel 2013 in a more trendy way.

Flash Fill and Recommended Pivot Table are the two new things you discover with Excel 2013.  Using Flash Fill you can easily extract your requirement from the imported data and you can perform complex analyses really fast with Recommended Pivot Table.


Excel 2013 helps you to visualize data better with new analysis tools like Recommended Charts, Quick Analysis and Chart Formatting Control. Using Recommended Charts Excel 2013 recommends charts that best suit your data patterns. You can quickly review your chart and graph options and select the option that works best for you. Quick Analysis lets you represent data visually in different ways. When you are contend with what you see, you can apply formatting, sparklines, charts and tables with a single click. You can change the title, layout and other chart elements with a click of a button using the new and more interactive interface, which lets you fine tune your charts quickly and easily.


With cloud services being promoted by different brands like Apple, Amazon etc Microsoft is not leaving behind the sharing phenomenon in Excel 2013. Simplified Sharing, Post to Social Network, Present Online are some of the shared features present in the new Excel of Office 2013. In Simplified Sharing, your workbooks are saved online to SkyDrive ( the cloud version of Microsoft) or SharePoint by default, if you have an internet connection and a Microsoft Account. With this kind of sharing you don’t need to send the same document as attachment to different users. You just need to send the link to the file or document to everyone with their viewing and editing permissions and be rest assured that everyone checks the document.

Social Network is another phenomenon which has taken the 2010 decade by storm. Whenever you feel like sharing a part of excel workbook with your office colleagues or friends, you can simply embed them on your social network pages.

Collaboration is one another vital task used among office employees. So if you are on a conversation using Lync ( which is like a Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger) you can share your workbooks and allow others to take control of your workbook.


The above new features in Excel 2013 are only a summary of what’s in store. By the time, the final version release date is announced, Microsoft will come up with many more useful techniques which will be useful to the home, business and corporate users.

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