The Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 and 7 – How to do it

To record computer screen and audio in Windows there are native ways in Windows 10 and 7. But screen recording software provide different filters and features to spice up the video. The computer screen recorder should be able to start and stop when required. To record game in Windows 10, you can use the Xbox

Reset Windows Admin or User Passwords when Forgotten ? 10 or 8.1 or 2012 etc

Uukeys Windows Password Mate Recovery Disk Burned Successfully

Windows 10 or 8, office or home, local or network user etc, sometime or the other you are bound to forget your password. Different methods suggested my Microsoft Technical support team can help you in such hairpulling situations. But the easiest of them all, is to use Windows Password recovery utilities. For example, if you

5 Best Download Managers for Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7?

Internet Download Manager Review From Cnet - Statistics And Ratings

The best download manager can do parallel downloads, optimize internet speed, pause and resume downloads, support popular browsers, take over the download, customize browser integration, schedule downloads etc. IDM is one of the fastest download manager. It can always make use of the internet bandwidth in an optimal way. There are other download managers for

Windows 8.1 Phone with Cortana – What are the Features?

Windows 10 phone with Cortana is expected to release globally by summer 2015. Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant developed especially for Windows Phones. Currently this is working for Windows 8.1 phone devices. Cortana is powered by Bing. First you need to train the voice assistant and then get the information required. For example,

[Tutorial] Manage Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 7, 8, 8.1

Wi-Fi and Wireless networks are common in this computer age of 2014. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has removed the ability to right-click wireless networks and forget them. Previously in earlier Windows operating systems, you can stop the OS from automatically connecting to the Wireless Internet. More Articles to Read Change Advanced Appearance Settings in Windows