What Cortana Collections can do for you in Windows 10 ?

Cortana Collections is the new feature in the RS4 build. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17017 for PC was released to Fast Ring users who opted for Skip Ahead option.

In 1709, Cortana has its own place in the Settings. This shows that Windows 10 future is more oriented towards it. In the Fall Creators Update we could see that Cortana could remember your browsing habits, stores it in the Cloud, allows your searches to find in Bing etc.

But in Build 17017 onwards, Cortana is becoming more of your personal assistant. Till now you can only find something on the web. But now it becomes more of an emotional bonding between you and Cortana using Collections.

What are the Features of Cortana Collections?

1. It can gather likeable things and items based on your personal searches.

2. It will suggest restaurants, recipes, books, films, movies and TV shows based on what you watch, which is stored by Cortana.

3. The presentation is also neatly organized. It puts these lists in an organized form to pick up the best.

4. Cortana is more learning your experience through AI and based on its calculations it’s going to suggest what is best for you.

5. With Collections, it not only suggests what is today’s temperature and weather like, but also what places you prefer based on your current city temperature etc.

6. In the same way if you have been watching too many Sandwich making YouTube videos, it is likely that it may come up with new videos based on that item.

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7. Also if you read lot of books of Bella Forrest, Collections may recommend the new book from that author which still may not be in the market.

8. If you have watched WonderWoman kind of movies in the past and if Cortana thinks you like that kind of movies, it will display such list of movies.

9. Similar to TV shows like Big Little Lies, your remote is tuning to such serials on your Smart TV, then Cortana can suggest similar TV programmes, with less distraction.

What you can do with Cortana Collections?

The recommended items are displayed in fly-in pop-up kind of thing. If you don’t like it, you can dismiss it. Otherwise, you can add them to your list in the Collections.

Little later if you find that the list is unimportant, you can delete it. Create a new list of items, based on your taste. In that way Cortana Collections becomes your adorable assistant in deciding what things to buy, see and taste.

3 thoughts on “What Cortana Collections can do for you in Windows 10 ?”

  1. Well, from what I’ve got, we’ll have to start using Edge in order to utilize this feature. I like the idea, but I don’t feel like switching from Chrome to Edge just for one feature. It’s still so much slower for me when loading websites.

    • @George. Thanks for the comment. But I heard on various blogs that Edge has improved in 1709 version and also it says that its faster than Chrome and Firefox. Need to test it. Just a change, may change our browsing habits. 🙂

      • I gave it a try after updating and I must say that it does indeed feel much faster than before and even smoother still. If they keep this level of performance, I might as well switch to Edge. Thanks for the heads up.


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