See the Windows Phone 7.5 vs 8 Battle Features

Windows Phone 7.5 code named Mango is a first generation operating system. But the material upgrade from 7.5 to 7.8, now makes us look at Windows Phone 7.5 vs 8. A new leak from a reputable site in Russia, gives us clear differences between 7.x and 8. If you are thinking of upgrading from 7.5, better upgrade to a Windows Phone 8, as the below infographic shows:


With Windows Phone 7.8 you will get the new Start Screen. But if you observe the above table, there are noticeable differences. IE10 will not be available and you have to settle for IE9. Skype, DataSmart, RCS-e are also present in 7.8, but as separate applications.

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Cloud sync is another important feature, everyone would ask about. With 7.8, you will be only be able sync Office One Note and 356. But Windows Phone 8 syncs all the content.

According to SamKB (MeeGo user and Ex-Symbian) there are 101 reasons why not to buy Windows Phone Mango. There are some features missing which even some dumb smartphones are having.

  •        No bluetooth file transfer.
  •        Cannot filter call history into Missed Calls, Received Calls, Dialled Calls, Recent Calls, etc
  •       Cannot save contact to SIM card.
  •       Cannot change alarm ring tone or use a MP3 file.
  •       No ringer profiles.

The pro features of Windows Phone 7.5 are – Full IE9 browsing, Great Twitter Integration, Smooth Multitasking, Voice recognition and new search. The cons are endless as said earlier.

While coming to WP8, users will be getting more powerful versions of Voice Command, Bing Audio and Cloud services. WP8 voice command options are improved as expected and will sync all data to the cloud.  The new thing about WP8 is that Bing Audio is going to get “improved TV recognition”. This will be helpful if we want to tag TV shows using audio recognition. But the marketing strategy is same like Windows Store apps, as this will push you to Zune Marketplace to buy the said TV show.

Though I would not draw myself into the debate of Android vs Windows Phone 8, that everyone is talking about. I would like to mention a few advantages of Windows 8 in this perspective.

The live tile Start Screen (a.k.a Home Screen) is easy to use and customizable. It has no real competition and even makes iPhone users envy. Since Windows 8 and WP8  are built on the same architecture, Windows developer would be having more flexible time creating apps for both the mobile and PC world. Windows Phone 8 also ensures the best of customizations of both Android and the iPhone world.


XBox integration is one rich feature introduced in Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo). XBox allows integration with media centers, DVRs, cable, video games, everything. WP8 also supports C and C++ programming languages which means coders will be able to utilize popular libraries and do native DirectX-based game development.

You can watch the YouTube video of speed comparison between Windows Phone 7.5 and Apollo.

Windows Phone 7.5 vs 8


Already AT&T customers are introduced to Windows Phone 8 devices in the form of Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. Rehearsing all the above points in the Windows Phone 7.5 vs 8 debate, I would definitely recommend you to buy WP 8 instead of buying Mango or 7.8.

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