How to Use Google Parental Controls using Family Link on Android

Manage Parental Privileges using Google One on android phone or tablet. Once you add a family member, you can either make him a parent or child. This should preferably be based on age. There are two types of apps to supervise parental controls on Android from Google. One you need to install on the parent

What are the Benefits of Google One on Android – 7 Simple Gains

Google Drive has been one of the best cloud storage services for years. Now in 2020, you have Google One subscription to add to the profits. This $1.99/month subscription gives a lot of benefits to the family and the manager of the account. Why should you use Google One? To answer this question, one simple

Google One Android – How to Add Family Member using Mobile Number or Email

Google One has the additional benefit of sharing your plan with your family members. This is so much useful if you have a couple of kids and parents living with you. Now-a-days each person has a mobile and storage gets filled up with personal photos, documents and videos. Related – Google One Benefits – Pricing

How to Get YouTube Premium Free Trial of 3 Months using Google One

YouTube Premium is a subscription based service. Free trial of 3 months can be got by joining Google One in India. This is a double benefit. By spending Rs 130 for the first month, you get 100GB of cloud storage and also 3 months free trial of YouTube Music and Premium. Ads are the most

7 Security Warnings on the Google Account Settings Page – Complete Review

To make your Google account more secure, the search engine giant provides some good security practices and recommendations. If you have been using Gmail, then you must have created a password to protect it. This is the first line of defense against intruders and hackers. With the increase in technology, the number of devices also

5 Ways to Secure your Google Account – Addition to Password Protection

Google account is created with any of your email accounts. It has various purposes. You can use it with multiple Google products like Gmail, Google Ads, Google Adsense, YouTube etc. To secure your Google Account, you enter an username and password every time you login. This is the basic level of encryption. If somebody knows