The shift from Mainframe computers to client-server architecture took place in the 1980s. Now after Y2K year, the computing model has shifted to “Cloud Computing” which is a process of computing done based on Internet. Resources, Software, Applications etc and other information can be shared with other computers and devices.

This “Cloud” computing can also be called as Web based applications or Tools which can be accessed via a web browser, as if the application or tools are installed locally on your computer. The uses of Cloud computing are delivery of common business applications online which can be accessed through by a software or web browser and resultant data are stored on separate servers through internet.

Windows 7 has come up with some free “Cloud” dependent apps, which are useful to the daily user. You can visit the Windows 7 Cloud website and hit the Get Started button, to get a taste of Windows 7 Cloud computing.



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You’ll also need a Windows Live ID, so sign up here if you don’t already have one. You can use an existing email address – you don’t need to sign up specifically for a Windows Live one.

Here’s a brief overview of free Windows 7 “Cloud” apps.

Mesh: File Syncing Across Computers

Sync files and folders across the Internet, between both your own PC’s, your Live Skydrive, or friends and family PC’s too. This also works with Mac OSX.

Remote Access

Control your PC from anywhere in the world!


Make perfect group shots by combining the best bits of various shots.

There are other whole suite apps included in the download, which you can explore to discover their utility.

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