The Windows 7 themes released by Microsoft are full of beauty and nature. Though there are a lot of themes being released from the official Microsoft Windows 7 themes site, there are still some effort by third-party designers and artists to bring out new themes from time to time.

The official Windows 7 themes are categorized into Newest Themes, Most Popular, Animals, Art, Automotive, Branded themes, Games, Holidays and Seasons, Movies, Natures, Places and landscapes, RSS dynamic themes, From the community etc. Almost every week a new theme is released into this database of themes. Even excellent Bing pictures of various places are included in these themes.

But today, I’d like to introduce to you a simple artistic Windows 7 theme brought by Andrea Retinschi. There are about 7 beautiful photos from her shootings and based on which [] created an awesome theme. The file size is little bigger around 10MB for 1024 x 768 resolution. Also there are no sounds and screensaver, which generally come default with official Windows 7 themes.

Download custom Windows 7 theme by Andrea Retinschi

The download links are below.

More news about Andrea Retinschi

She fell in love with photography during high-school and enjoyed it very much year after year. She’d take the pictures, develop them in the dark room all by herself. The answer to a question regarding whether what she’d do if doesn’t need money, she said “Photography”. Her photographic style are colours and contrast, Fairy tales and dreams, Songs and Silence. She uses a Canon 5D camera, and is a Mac lover.

If you enjoy this theme, please comment in the comment form and let me know what kind of other themes do you like?

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