Why Windows 8.1 Release is Much Awaited?

Windows 8.1 code named “Windows Blue” is slated for release at the Build Conference this June, 2013. It’s not just a “Service Pack” kind of thing to Windows 8. There are many more enhancements and rich-features which will make tech-savvy people stand upon their feet.

Yes, Microsoft heard it’s customers. Many complained about the lack of “Start Menu“. We had to resort to all the third-party annoyances to make simple things work simpler, but now in Windows 8.1 we have the “Start Button”. The old feature re-introduced makes your life much easier.

You can just restart or shut-down your PC from the Start Screen.

The preview of 8.1 is due for this Wednesday, but the Windows Server 2012 R2 preview is out and is promising much awaited features. This gives us a peek at the things to come on Wednesday’s launch as many characteristics are similar in both the products.

Start Button in Windows 8.1

Picture Password and LockScreen

Text, Numbers, Special Symbols are the usual items for a password. In Windows 8, you can also select pictures to give as a password, but in 8.1, this function is extended more rationally to the lock screen. You can pull up images from the local storage and SkyDrive galleries and create a frame of pictures.

Unified Search to replace the Windows 8 Search

As you have observed in the last OS, searching for an app only returns results from “Apps” by default. You need to manually click to search for files and settings, but with 8.1, unified search will take the place of this kind of search. So probably searching for an app will also provide a link to the settings without clicking too much.

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Booting to Desktop mode ?

I earlier made an article where you can login directly to the desktop mode skipping the login screen and Start screen. Now Microsoft has plans for directly logging in to alternate screens, which is little bit different. For example if you have Tiles as one screen and Apps as one screen, you can choose at the start and directly login to the screen of your choice.

A new Internet Explorer called the 11

Though I can’t vouch for the new things that are going to come up in IE11, many performance improvements and other enhancements like IE10 will come up. Better touch performance, faster page load times, choice of the address bar, simultaneous opening of an unlimited number of tabs etc are some of things to come up in 11.


If you observe the trend of Apps development for Windows 8, it has taken a hit in January and February according to MetroStore Scanner mentioned at this source, but with 8.1 first builds release mentioned in March, the app development took shape again.

Nearly 20,000 apps were launched in October, 2012 at the launch of Windows 8. That increased 100% the next month to add up at 35,000 the next month.

So what’s the trend? So if you follow up things to come up, more apps are to show in Windows 8.1. Also, the new Visual Studio for Windows 8 gives developers more ease at developing apps.

So in a conclusion, Windows 8.1 is worth the wait and its release on Wednesday will be much marketed like other Microsoft’s products. All you have to do is weed out the water from the milk and find the right things for you.

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