Audials One 10 – 4 Free Licenses $59.90 Worth [Review]

Sometime back we offered a free giveaway for Audials One 9 and this time the company released a new version – Audials One 10. For our readers we are giving away 4 free licenses who are going to comment on the product.

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Audials One 10 Free GiveAway

So what’s Audial One by the way ?

First of all, I faced several errors when I tried to open their English page. Then I contacted the developers and they gave me a German link. So to download the software you can go to the following link.

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Download Audials One 10

This software is compatible with Windows 8 and they also have an App for this new OS. But when I tried to install, it didn’t work properly. May be they will fix the bugs in the next version.

Update : The English Page for Audials is here.

Most readers know about this software. But people who don’t know, this is useful if you are an entertainment freak. The software basically searches for music on the net, finds interesting artists, radio-stations, let’s you record online music, movies, and streaming videos etc. This is basically helpful if you want to make your PC an entertainment bazooka.

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What are the new features in Audials One 10 ?

I forgot one more feature of this totality software. You can also convert between various formats using this elegant piece of entertainment blitzkrieg. This not only makes your music and video files compatible with PC but it can convert to iPad, iPhone, gaming console formats too. It even supports DVD ripping.

Audials One 10 New Features

The new improvements with all Audials software are as follows:

  • Simplified user interface with increased convenience and with many new skins in various colors and forms
  • Improved media manager now also with playlists
  • Save music, videos and movies directly in the cloud after recording
  • Anywhere connects Audials PC with Audials mobile devices
  • Real full screen view available with various font sizes
  • User interface can be adapted flexibly in terms of size and form. Whole areas can be added or removed as required
  • Sidebar view, mini player view to “enjoy alongside”
  • Special mode enables convenient operation, even on Windows 8 tablets

There are several themes in the new version like the Windows 8 Metro UI themes. It supports various kinds of subscription services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Veoh, Tangle etc and you can download from them without much hassle.

New Audials 10 is ready for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Videos to see the Functionality of Audials One 10 …

Conclusion :

Just like any other entertainment software, with increasing functionality come resource headaches. The software is a ~80 MB download and you need an active internet connection to stream radio-stations and tv episodes.

In countries like United State or Europe, where the bandwidth is not a problem, this can make you glue to the PC or smartphone. But in third-world countries like Bangladesh, Thailand or India this is a resource hog; money-wise and network wise. Also it need to make up for the deficiencies like bugs and installation on USB sticks etc.

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But the software’s intuitive interface and simplified all-in-one presentation of entertainment makes it worth the money.

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