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Find Parental Controls in Windows 10 using Security app

To access parental controls in Windows 10, you can make use of Windows Security. This is generally located in the notification area. On the left hand side, you can see the various security features. You can also search for this app, using the “Search box” of Windows 10. Type its name in the text box and …

How to Fix Remote Desktop Connection Error in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7

In an earlier post, we have seen how to enable remote desktop in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7. You can repair “mstsc” in Windows 10 using the below solutions. If you can find the right reason why your RDP is not working, then the fix is easier. There are multiple services related to remote connection in …

How to Create Local Administrator Account in Windows 10 Home

The Windows 10 Home version does not have a direct way to create a local administrator account. You might need to tweak a few settings before you create one. Even after the 2004 update, the option to sign-in with a local account does not appear during installation. One of the best ways is to use “Local …

The Windows 10 Settings in Fall Creators Update Version 1709 – Changes

The latest Windows 10 Version 1709 also called Fall Creators Update is going to have new features. One change is in the Settings area. From the start of Windows 10 we have already seen the Settings panel to control most of the things. But with the 1709 update we are going to see some more lucrative …
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How do I fix Windows 10 Restart Problem – 5 Causes and Solutions

Computer keeps restarting in Windows 10 because of software or hardware issues. This problem was there in 1809 version also. It can be a hardware issue like bad RAM, faulty hard-disk, corrupted registry, drivers not updated, incompatibility of graphic drivers. Windows 10 works well. Don’t install pirated and hacked software. Also Read – Fix Error Code 0x800f081f and Installation …

How to Create Windows 10 Local Account – 4 Methods

Windows 10 Pro version can have a local account. In version 1903, this facility was not possible. Creation of  a Microsoft account is the first preference, even after the 2004 version. Also known as the May 2020 update. The sad part is that most of the Windows Store apps, services require a Microsoft account. You are …
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