Windows 11

You’ll need a new app to open this windowsdefender link – Fix this error in Windows 11/10

Windows Security is a powerful protection service in Windows 10 and 11. It consists of several features. These include the following at a broad level. Virus & threat protectionAccount protectionFirewall & Network protectionApp & browser controlDevice Security. They are present on the Home tab of Windows Security. Real-time protection is part of Virus & threat protection. It …
Advanced Printer Properties Win 11

Fix Microsoft IPP Class Driver Windows 11 No Color

Microsoft IPP Class Driver is the default printer driver installed on Windows 11, when no other printer driver is available. IPP driver is an Internet Printing Protocol that allows talk between computer/mobile and the printer/printer server. When Microsoft IPP Class driver is not working or printing gray/monochrome instead of full colors, then you need to reinstall …
Turn On Off Windows Features Microsoft Print To Pdf Windows 10 11

Microsoft Print to PDF Missing Windows 10/11 – Get it back

In some cases, you don’t really want to print the document in Microsoft Edge or Word. You just want to save a page in PDF form for further reading or sharing. In such cases, little features built into the browsers like Microsoft Print to PDF are useful. You can check it in Settings to know whether …
Windows 11 Epson Printers

Download Windows 11 Printer Drivers for Top 5 Brands

The printer driver is the one that lets you connect between hardware and software. To print normally and with all colors, you need the right drivers. When you upgrade your OS or during reinstall, you also need to update your printer drivers. With Windows 11, new printer drivers are to be updated. Also, many users upgrade …
Background Apps Permissions Windows 11

How to Disable Background Apps Windows 11 – All and Single

Most of the apps are closed in Windows 11, when you are not using them. But some of them are still running in the background. For example, Feedback Hub, Get Help, Maps, People, Sticky Notes and many of them. Widgets in Windows 11 need to run in the background to get the latest updates of weather, …
Default Audio Playback Windows 11

Windows 11 Audio Not Working – 8 Practical Solutions

Sound is a major feature to Windows 11 pcs, laptops, tablets and notebooks. You need audio while gaming, reading books, watching videos, playing songs etc. Bluetooth headsets, speakers, USB headphones, earphones are some of the sound output hardware. If the Windows 11 audio is not working, then the money spent on the above devices is useless. …
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Windows 10

Sleeping Tabs Microsoft Edge Windows 10

How to Improve Microsoft Edge usage of RAM and CPU by 26% and 29%

Microsoft Edge had the notoriety of having high CPU and RAM usage after some updates. If several tabs were opened at the same time, the amount of memory required also increased. Though it is based on the Chromium project, it had its share of difficulties. In 2021, a new feature called “Sleeping tabs” was introduced. This …

Top 5 Practical Tips to Keep Your Windows 10 Secure

The important phase of Windows 10 development was to eliminate the need of Control Panel. Instead there is a Settings (gear icon on the Start Menu) feature using which you can control different privacy policies. Just like other Windows versions, the main motto of Microsoft is to improve security in each new version. Unlike XP which …
Set Transaction Limti Sbi Credit Card Success

How to set SBI Credit Card Transaction Limit in Windows 10 and Android

In Sept 2020, RBI issued guidelines to credit card and debit cards to prevent fraud and security lapses. You can opt-in or opt-out for each category of transaction and set Spend limits. According to the new guidelines, card users will now be able to register preferences (opt-in or opt-out of services, spend limits, etc.) for international …

Look at the Important Windows 10 1809 features – Issues yet to be Resolved

The Windows 10 semi-annual channel update of October 2018, with version 1809 is out. The latest stable OS build 17763.104 is clear of many problems. The new update KB4464455 is helpful in fixing number of issues which include problems with driver compatibility, third-party antivirus software, task manager and deleting files. Currently the Redstone 5 Build update …
Samsung Connected Services Onedrive

Can’t Sign Out of OneDrive – How to Fix

Samsung Galaxy phone users have faced a peculiar problem using OneDrive on their phones. They can’t sign out of their OneDrive account on their Android phones. Coming to other mobile phones, like Xiaomi, Oppo, RealMe, OnePlus, Vivo, we need to check if the issue exists. In April 2021, the company informed Samsung users that their accounts …
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Windows 7

Two Great Ubuntu Themes for Windows 7 – Maverick and Ubuntu Theme Pack

There are plethora of Windows 7 themes from Microsoft, but with Ubuntu 11.10 version, the competition for Ubuntu themes for Windows 7 has increased greater. Though it’s a little problematic to install windows 7 themes for Ubuntu using tools like Wine etc, you can still install some Windows 7 themes for Ubuntu. But installing Ubuntu themes …

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7 and 8

Laptop/Netbook users face a different challenge these days, with many brand manufacturers leaving out the optical drive like DVD/CD out of the scenario. The only way left to install Windows 7 or XP or Vista is using a USB flash drive. Users are advertently creating a bootable USB flash drive for such use, using command …

Capture Photos-Images with Effects : PhotoBooth for Windows 7

If you’ve already used Mac OSX or iPad 2, you’re already familiar with the photobooth app, which lets you capture images from a camera device like webcam and style them with different photo effects like negative, sepia, thermal camera, X-Ray etc. But when it comes to desktop, you’re in search for such an app. For all …
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