The Golden Throw Fix for connecting Windows 10 WiFi automatically

When operating Windows 10, people do follow this problem. Whenever they log on or even when reboot it, the computer won’t automatically connect to WiFi. Then they need to follow the loop to select the WiFi tile, see the available options, and then click and enter the password. But the bother here is that this is

Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 – Settings and Switch

A Bluetooth adapter and driver is a must for a computer or laptop to connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones. In 2021, the online mode of education and entertainment has made it necessary that Bluetooth functionality exists on mobile and desktop. Windows 10 is the common OS of PC and notebooks. With the advent of

Fix: Bluetooth Not working in Windows 10 after 21H1 Update

After the recent Windows 10 update of 21H1, some users complained that their Bluetooth devices stopped working. I was also one of the troubled guys who faced this issue. Common solutions to fix the issue were not useful. I used Windows default troubleshooter to see the Bluetooth option under Settings > Devices. Also Read –

[Solved] Can’t Type in Windows 10 Search bar – Best Fix and 5 Solutions

If the keyboard is not working in the search bar of Windows 10, sometimes it’s not hardware-related. This problem may arise even after a fresh install. Windows 10 search bar is a useful feature for finding system settings, apps, documents, and searching the web quickly. In the latest version of the 21H1 update also, it

Windows 10 Spotlight Not Working – How to Fix it ? [Working]

Windows 10 spotlight is an attractive feature on the lock screen. In addition, Bing wallpaper sets the desktop background apart. In the same way, new and changing images make this feature very delightful. In many cases, you see additional information. Also Read – Top 5 News and Interests Features in Windows 10 and Settings What

Solve KB5003173 Error causing 0x800f0922 with these five fixes

Cumulative update KB5003173 is the latest one in May 2021. Numerous reports complained that the update fails or have problems with a new installation of Microsoft Edge. The parent company removed the legacy desktop application of Edge in March 2021. Security fixes are essential for Windows 10 to prevent hackers and protect from ransomware. Also

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