WordPress, Content Writing and Windows Services – By Palla

I have mentioned about my life story and how I started blogging. I was a Civil Engineer at first, but due to turn of events I had to share my job as a Professor in day-time and blogger at home.

My earnings from blogs an additional support to my day revenue. This blog gets around 50,000 page views per month. The organic traffic (i.e from Google, Bing etc) is mainly from US, UK, CANADA, AUS and INDIA.

With increasing traffic, the site value also increases. I struggled for 10 years, but have learned valuable lessons during this journey.

You can know more about me here – Palla Sridhar

I worked for various software companies like TCS, Miracle, EDIS etc for various clients like AIG, Prudential Insurance, Toy’s R Us etc.

My Blogging experience is of 12 years. I have worked on several blog tools like Blogger, WordPress, Plugins, Themes, Templates, SEO Tools etc.

The following services are provided by me, from my experience as a blogger.

I also allow sponsored posts on my blog. You can read the guidelines on my Contact page and then email me.

WordPress Installation

This service costs a one-time fee of $25.

  • You will have the latest version of WordPress CMS installed on your host server.
  • Minimal FREE WordPress plugins will be installed.
  • Any other custom Plugin installation will also be done. (provided the location or .zip file is given)


  • Domain Name ( e.g www.example.com)
  • Hosting Service Access (eg. HostGator, DreamHost)

Legitamacy of Work as Proof:

You can view my present website which is on WordPress version 5.1 and Thesis framework. I am using Effectus (Thesis 2.x) skin on this site.

Thesis FrameWork, WordPress Installation & Thesis Skins

This service costs $100.
You will have exclusive right of Thesis framework as our client. I already have the grand-fathered developer’s license and the price includes the client license fee of $40. So you can legally use Thesis on your site.
Normally a Thesis Basic license costs $87 which is for 1 site only. The Thesis Skin membership costs you $80. So you save $67. All the other terms related to Thesis framework are according to its website.
I can also install any other skins as per your requirement.

Blogger to WordPress Migration

This service costs $40.

Many of the newbie bloggers who are low on funds start on Blogger. But with time, revenue and experience they decide to change to WordPress for the good. But will the link juice remain same? Will the Google’s Page Rank remain same? Will all the internal links work perfectly?

All this can be done without any loss in rankings? There may be temporary loss but within couple of months, you will be right on track.

My Work Proof

I’m also a “poor” and “skeptical” blogger like anybody. So there were couple of blogs on Blogger. They are

  • beware-microsoft.blogspot.com (presently techlikes.com)
  • windows7office.blogspot.com (presently pallareviews.com, this site)

These were started some 12 years ago. But I was successfully able to migrate to WordPress, without much fuss. You can check those domains for yourself.

Moving WordPress to a New Domain

This service costs $30.

As you might have observed, the earlier domain name for this site was windows7port.com. Now it’s redirected to pallareviews.com. Again you can check yourself.

There are some cautions if you are newbie in re-directing domains. Like re-directing all the old domain links to new domain links, permanently redirecting etc. Those will be handled by me without any hiccups.

Moving WordPress to New Domain and a New Host

The service charge is $50.

Sometimes you need to change the domain name and also the hosting service. This may be due to financial reasons or performance related. But if you are not careful, you may LOOSE all the SEO juice you have gathered till now.

But I have done this before and can do it again, without any hassle. My testimony for this work cannot be clearly seen because it all happens in the background.  But tech.windows7port.com was moved to softreadwrite.com from another host to HostGator.

Windows Troubleshooting

If you have any trouble related to Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP,  I can find solutions for you. This service costs $5 initially. If the problem is bigger, more charges will be incurred. I can also find solutions to Windows Software problems. The service charge is the same.

Legitamacy of Work as Proof : 

Various articles on this website are related to Windows troubleshooting and many fixes to several unsolved problems are proposed.

Content Writing

This service price range is between $20 – $30. You can choose the topic of the content. You can mention the length of the article in number of words or any other.

My Work as Proof

My earlier website “techlikes[dot]com” is a proof of my content writing skills. It was based on technology. I sold two other sites. 1. softreadwrite.com and 2. healthdummy.org.  The first was on software and second was related to gastric disorders. I have several other blogs like:
  1. seotipsit.com
  2. thinkminds.co.uk
  3. indiatravelspirit.com
  4. enggworks.com
  5. autolifepasta.com
  6. buywindowsantivirus.com
  7. gadgetspeak.net

Any Other Requested Services

I can also perform any other Computer, Software, Web, Internet, WordPress related services after negotiating with you. The price depends on how tough is the work and my knowledge on it. You can negotiate regarding it through the contact page or my e-mail mentioned below.

Note :

1 Month support will  be provided for all services. If you require more support you can en-quire through E-mail. You can contact me for my services at rama[dot]geek[at]gmail[dot]com or through Contact Page.


This sitemap contains the links to all the posts on “WindowsTechTt.com”. To date around 320+ posts are written on different categories like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Skype, OneDrive, Outlook.com, Outlook, Fixes and Solutions, Tutorials and Guides, Writing Services, Technology and Software.


My name is Palla Sridhar. I have 10 years of WordPress site maintenance and, researched many WordPress plugins.
All my services are based on Internet Research and any damage to hardware, software etc will not be my responsibility.
Though utmost care is taken during problem solving, there is no guarantee for problem resolution and service fees once paid will not be returned.
In case, if the minimal functionality is not done, return of service fee will be on case-by-case basis. The main agreement will be our mutual understanding through email. Any legal case related to a dispute will be under the jurisdiction of Indian courts only.