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[Tutorial] Change Advanced Appearance Settings in Windows 8 and 7

You liked Windows 7 so much, that you are facing trouble with the Metro UI of Windows 8. In Windows 7, there was an easy option to customize windows color and appearance using the advanced appearance settings. If you are not well versed with that feature in Windows 7, here’s a quick look around. How

Review of Excel 2013 new features – See what’s new!

Office 2013 proposes to have many new interesting features, with Windows 8 release date coming soon. The most profitable component of Office for Microsoft has been Excel. Now using Office Excel 2013 new features you can find new ways to visualize, analyze and display results with a single click and explore data more intuitively. You

Get Windows 8 Ribbon UI in Windows 7 – BExplorer and STDU Explorer

Windows Explorer has been the corner stone experience for Microsoft Windows users and has undergone several design changes from the start. But in the recent past, its revival has not been that much and we see no much change in it when we compare its features to Vista and Windows 7. Welcome Windows 8! Microsoft

Latest News in Office 2013 – Word and Excel – Review and Download

Microsoft was buzzy last few days with the release of Office 2013 consumer preview. If you are fooled by the name 2013, thinking that it’s a upgrade or something to the 2010 version, you are caught on the wrong foot. The new version is a cloud-based web solution which can be also used on desktop

How to Control Volume of Different Applications in Windows 7

Sounds and Video are the interesting elements of a human feeling, by which one acquaints with the surroundings. Computers are loaded with these fascinating controls to let you get the same perception of the real world. If you are a Windows 7 user, there are many applications like browsers, audio players, video players etc using