Rumors about Windows 8 Release Date and Server 8

Have you still not downloaded Windows 8 Consumer Preview ? It’s time you tested it out and know yourself the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8. There are many Windows 8 rumors about the release date, what will the Release Candidate (RC) be called, when will the Windows 8 devices hit the market, rumors

Download Token Icons from devianart – Created by ~brsev

If you have not read my earlier post on token icon installer for Windows 7 SP1, don’t worry! This is another post which gives links on how to download token icons. Token icons developed by Brsev and Mr-Ragnarok, which can be found on are reviewed here. First we’ll review the token icon pack installers

Comparison of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 – Reasons To Upgrade

Are you a Windows user looking for a comparison between Windows 7 vs Windows 8 ? Have you downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer preview ? Will Windows 7 continue to dominate PC and laptop market ? Are you confused whether to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8? If you’re not able to answer the above

Customize your Windows 8 Lock Screen : YouTube Video

If you’ve read my earlier post on Windows 8 Hidden features, you should be looking for more customization of Windows 8. Things are a little different from Windows 7 in Windows 8. Tiles have become the pseudo standard of Windows 8 replacing the icon style of Windows 7, Vista and XP. Windows 8 Lock Screen

F.lux – Screen Eye Protector for Computer/Laptop/SmartPhone

Computer users and teenagers who are addicted to gadgets and mobile devices, are feeling the knack of it. People stay long in the night working on Facebook or commenting on blogs,  and getup late in the morning. But what is the culprit that is preventing you from sleeping at the right time? This state of

Windows 8 Hidden Features not yet revealed by Microsoft

We earlier talked about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview killer features and the system requirements of Windows 8. At the end of the previous post, I talked about some hidden features which are not yet proclaimed by Microsoft as features. I’d detail some of these hidden features which may or may not come in the