How to Repair Office 2010 in Windows for Different Kind of Errors?

Repair Office 2010 In Windows

To repair office 2010 in windows 10 one can just use the in-built “repair” feature available via control panel. One of the products of Microsoft Office 2010 like Word, Excel etc. may not be working or behaving oddly. The symptom can be due to deletion of any Office application file by the anti-virus or during

How to Fix Nvidia Color Settings Reset in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7?

Color Management Windows Control Panel

The Nvidia color settings may reset while playing a game in full screen. The resolution to such a problem is to change a setting. Display > Change resolution > Output dynamic range. Set this value to “Full“. In most cases it will fix the “shaddy” look on your monitor. This will also make sure that

How do StartUp Apps Fare in Windows 10 ? Is it New from 8.1, 7, Vista etc

In the RS4 release Windows 10 Build 17017, a new feature called Startup Apps was added. This is the same functionality you have seen earlier in Task Manager or System Configuration. When you type “msconfig” in the Run dialog box (press Win + R keys), you get a pop-up window. Earlier in Windows Vista and

DIY – How to Identify PC HDMI Port Problem and Fix it !

Connect Laptop To Tv Using Pc Hdmi Port Cable

Most of the times PC HDMI ports are connected to graphics card known as the APU/GPU (Accelerated Processing Unit/ Graphics processing unit). You need to place that card in the hardware slot provided in your PC cabinet or laptop case. For example, the AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470 GPU may be present in Dell XPS

How to Adjust Monitor Brightness in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7?

Power Plan Setting To Adjust Brightness Of Monitor

Using the hardware buttons of your monitor to control screen brightness becomes tough in 2019. Software controls and GPU control panels offer the same functionality with ease.  Old CRT monitors had good hardware controls for monitor brightness control. More screen light in the morning and less in the night will reduce eye strain. NVIDIA brightness