Fix Boot Error 0xc0000428 and 0xc0000034 in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7

change hard disk priority to fix 0xc0000428

When you boot up your computer, if you see “\Windows\system32\winload.exe” file missing with error code 0xc0000428, you are more likely to format the system. But is it necessary? You get an information message saying that “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for this file”. The first-aid for this issue is to disable digital signature enforcement,

How to Export or Import Gmail Contacts in 2019

To send mail in bulk or add in another email client, you need to export gmail contacts in different formats. In 2019, the interface has changed a bit. In the same way, if you are changing from Outlook, you need to import contacts to Gmail. The process is very simple. To download contacts from Gmail,

How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage for Free [ Works in 2019 ]

In 2019, it is important you save your photos, audio, image, video files online. This works as a backup plan. If you lose your “private” data you can get it back easily through cloud storage service. This is where free online storage comes into play. There are lot of free cloud services, but are limited

How to Update All Drivers in Windows 10/8.1/7 with 1-Click Solution [2019]

To update the latest sound card, video driver and graphic drivers in Windows 10 or 8.1 or 7, there are many options. One is to go the manufacturer page and download them. Another option is to use free driver updater and install them. But what about the motherboard chipset and game-enhancing drivers? There are lot

How to Change Google Account Name on PC or Android or iPhone

Gmail is the most common email address used in many countries. First Name, Last Name and some other details are required, when you create them. To display the right name, you need these details to be perfect. The correct information will always suit your business and personal needs. When you have a Google One account,

How to Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 10 – 15 Solutions

Windows 10 has several audio output devices. You can connect it to headphones, speakers, loud speakers, 5.1 channel home theater, sound card, portable speakers, power amplifiers and many others. Multiple audio output devices can create sound issue. To solve sound not working on Windows 10 output devices, check your speaker output device, primarily. Select the