SSD VS HDD – Boot Time – Benchmarks – Pros And Cons

Ssd Vs Hdd Windows 10

The Solid State Drive (SSD) performance plays a major role over pricing and storage . The prices of SSD have been slashed so less. You can get a 250GB SSD storage capacity for $60.  In the SSD vs HDD battle, reads and writes play a major role. Traditional spinning is eliminated using Solid State Drives. 

Top 5 Best Mouse for Excel in 2022 – Logitech and Microsoft

Logitech Anywhere Mouse Mx

There may be tons of reasons in choosing a mouse for your Windows operating system! But if you are more of an Excel user, you would definitely look for a mouse that suits your spread-sheet application tasks. The best mice for excel in Logitech brand are as following.  Marathon Mouse M705  Anywhere Mouse MX  Performance